OOG Nobility Agreement/Leadership code 2024/2025 Season

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Atlanta Staff

OOG Nobility Agreement​

It is the Alliance Atlanta LARP expectation that anyone with an official title, be it IG or OOG, will be viewed as a face of the organization. By becoming a PC Noble IG you will be eligible to receive additional plot and story specific to your noble title, but are expected to follow the responsibilities outlined below. We in return promise to work with you as a player to provide avenues for advancement, opportunities for your title to have an effect on the greater kingdom, and agree to hold all titled PCs to the same standards.

This OOG code is intended as a code of conduct for the Player, not a guide for the character. We do not intend to provide conflict between the two but should conflict arise we expect this code to be the most important part of your position.

The following current Titles are subject to the Leadership Code:

  1. Official Head of a Local Plot Designated Guild
  2. Lord/Lady/Magistrate/Knight
  3. Baron (This is the highest title attainable as a PC within Alliance Atlanta)

  • lesser titles which are educational in purpose (such as Squire) are not subject to the agreement until such time as they take an IG oath of office.
  • Variable titles will be available within each rank and will come with their own IG responsibilities and requirements.

IG Responsibility

1.) Once you assume a leadership position on stage, you will make the best effort to attend at least half of the events in a given season as that character. If there are extenuating circumstances you are expected to reach out to Plot or other staff members to let them know.

2.) As a leader we expect you to reach out to other players IG, especially new PCs. Please make an honest effort to not segregate yourself.

3.) As an organization, Alliance Atlanta believes in a Player vs. Enemy environment. The stories we wish to tell and the overall feel we believe our game should have center around this. We expect you to avoid participating in words or actions that will foster a toxic environment.

OOG Responsibility

1.) Treat others like you’d wish to be treated. We wish to create an inclusive and friendly environment in which players not only feel included, but wanted as well. As such we expect our leaders to remember that above all else, this is a game. At the end of the day it's purpose is to provide fun and enjoyment to it's players, so we ask that you act accordingly.

2.) As a common point of contact with our players, you may become the person in our organization with whom they are the most comfortable bringing their concerns to. We expect that you will bring any player concerns you receive to an appropriate staff member (Player rep/owner/etc.) so they may be addressed. You are expected to not attempt to address player concerns yourself unless otherwise in a specific staff position to do so.

3.) Similar to the IG responsibility we also expect you as a representative of our chapter to foster goodwill to the rest of Alliance and our local communities. As such we expect you to avoid participating in words or actions that will foster a toxic environment OOG be it online or in person.

Failure to support these responsibilities IG or OOG will result in a conference with the Plot staff to determine if the player should continue to hold a title.
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