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Alliance Rules
This section is for the distribution of culture packets and laws for the upcoming Stradyn campaign. As these items are being made available OOG - sometimes research will lead you to this post to be able to use the specific knowledge held within for your personal use IG. Alternatively, if making a new character native to Stradyn it is good to have an understanding of where you have come from! If you ever need help with naming conventions feel free to reach out to plot at plot.allianceseattle@gmail.com.

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Alliance Rules
Laws of Stradyn

Below are the only laws recognized within Stradyn. Complexity is the enemy of a civilized society, and the scholars within the noble houses of the land have agreed that simplicity is key. Should someone be found to be abusing the laws for their own personal gain, their punishment will be magnified by a degree of their station.

The laws apply to anyone within the borders of the lands of Strayden. Any crime perpetrated against individuals who are a member of the noble courts of Stradyn falls under the crime of Treason and has that charge attached to the crime.

All crimes are committed against the land, not the individual. It is irrelevant if a victim is not interested in pressing charges, the laws will be enforced to ensure an orderly society.



All fines are first given to the aggrieved party for restitution and consideration if applicable. Any remainder will then go to the governing body of the jurisdiction. A magistrate or noble judging the case has discretion on how much is given for restitution and consideration. If the crime was committed outside of a House’s jurisdiction, charges can still be pressed and restitution and considerations may be given to the Lands.

All crimes will carry a minimum fine or sentence. Note that these are mandated minimums. Magistrates and judging nobles can (and often do) impose harsher penalties based on the circumstances of the crimes and perpetrators.

Unless otherwise stated the minimum required fines are as follows:

-Committed against Citizen – 1 Gold Piece
-Committed against a Recognized Institution or Establishment – 5 Gold Pieces
-Committed against a Royal Guild – 10 Gold Pieces
-Committed against Royal Court or Court Members – All crimes committed against the Royal Court holdings or individuals have Treason offenses attached.

All crimes committed are counted individually, for example: casting two Charm spells against someone working in the local Tavern and getting the victim to come with you will result in a fine of no less than 15 Gold, 5 for each spell (Assault) and 5 for leading them away (Kidnapping).

Anyone unable to pay the fines may have their possessions confiscated at a price dictated by the magistrate or noble, or sold at auction (whichever the magistrate or judging noble chooses). If they still cannot pay the fine the convicted may serve a period of servitude to the lands in a capacity dictated by the magistrate or judging noble.

A convicted criminal can always willingly chose to suffer an execution as payment of any fines owed for their crimes. The convicted is executed in whatever manner the magistrate or judging noble chooses and all financial obligations for the crime are absolved. In situations where a convicted criminal would face death for his crimes as well as fines, he would need multiple executions to wipe out the fines.


If a criminal is sentenced to servitude they are compensated at the rate of 1 Silver Piece per day, less the cost of lodgings and food. The master of the servant is required to show an invoice of the costs associated with the room and board of the servant if audited by an agent of the courts, which shall be at a fixed rate depending upon the nature of the servitude, no more than 3 copper to those serving the military, no more than 5 copper for those serving a guild, and no more than 8 copper for those serving on a farm or private establishment.

If at any time the person committed to Servitude wishes to pay the remaining fees in lieu of finishing their sentence, or revert to the option to resurrect, and has the means to do so, they may pay them to a local noble representative before the court and be free of their servitude. A proprietor not allowing this interaction will be tried for Slavery.

If a servant resurrects (or fails to) while still in service their debts are not transferred to any family member, nor are they held upon resurrection, as those whom the criminal serves have a noble oath to protect those who serve them. As such the fines are dismissed at that point.


The standard execution in Stradyn is for a criminal to publically admit to their crimes and drink a death elixir by their own hands. They may or may not be afforded last words, or the ability to handle the elixir due to the nature of their crimes, or the nature of the criminal. This is completely at the discretion of the magistrate or noble overseeing the execution. The sentence is only considered completed when the criminal dissipates or the corpse is verified to be permanently dead.

Rite of Banishment:

A criminal sentenced to the Rite of Banishment forfeits all property to Stradyn and will be taken to Shatterpass where they will be forced through the Void Gate. Due to the nature of the Void Gate this sentence will almost certainty result in permanent death, no matter how strong a person's spirit. Anyone sentenced to the Rite of Banishment who somehow resurrects and is seen within the lands of Stradyn will suffer the Rite again.


Until further notice, Exile to a neighboring country has been suspended as a punishment due to the current conflict. As such, any outlaw found in a neighboring land or territory will be requested to be returned to Stradyn to pay the proper punishment for their crimes.

List of Crimes:

Assault: Assault is the act of placing someone in fear of imminent physical harm. The standard is an objective one, and the threat must be immediate and real. Simply insulting someone or giving a vague threat is not assault. Also, the threatened harm must be serious for example, requiring the application of healing spells or elixirs or breaking a defensive spell. This includes threatening to apply Charm and Sleep spells, as those would break defensive protections. Note that threatening to Curse someone or use an Amnesia effect falls under this law. Assault always carries a maximum of a one gold fine, making it different than the rest of the crimes within Stradyn. This does not cover casual implied effects, but actual threats of imminent harm.

Battery: Battery is the causing of harm to an unwilling person. “Harm” is defined as damage requiring the use of curing medicines, spells, potions, or elixirs or the breaking of any defensive sells. Performing a Curse against someone does constitute Battery. Those who can prove they are or were under the effect of a berserk or other mind controlling effect would not be guilty of Battery, but the individual who placed the effect on that person would be guilty of Battery. The use of a Prison spell upon an unwilling person is considered Battery.

Bribery: Giving or accepting gifts of value in exchange for favors from someone in authority.

Cannibalism: The consumption of the flesh of any creature that, by race, has the capacity for sentience and speech is strictly prohibited. Within the lands of Stradyn this includes some known enemies such as Kobolds, Goblins, Lupoids, etc. Violation of this law will result in the penalty of death and no less than double the standard fines. Subsequent convictions may result in Obliteration or even the Rite of Banishment.

Conspiracy: A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime. Giving aid or comfort to a wanted criminal or obstructing the investigation or apprehension of that criminal is also conspiracy, as is having foreknowledge of a crime and not reporting it or taking reasonable steps to prevent it from occurring. Note that conspiracy requires actual participation of at least two persons; one cannot conspire alone.

Counterfeiting: Counterfeiting is the making or passing of money, guild tokens, or any other commonly accepted representation of wealth, that is false and that the passer knows or has reason to know is false. Note that coin shaving, or using base metal coins or ingots covered with valuable metal fall under this law.

Destruction of Property: This is the malicious destruction of the property of another. Destruction of Royal possessions constitutes an additional Treason charge. If a magistrate or judging noble deems the destruction of property to be involuntary in nature, but reasonably preventable, only restitution to the aggrieved party is usually necessary.

Arson: The willful inflammation of property of another. This is a more careless crime, and potentially more harmful to non-intended victims of the crime. Arson will always result in the death of the arsonist by way of being set ablaze, as well as restitution of the value of all property caught on fire.

Disobedience: Disobedience is the voluntary and willful nonobservance of an order given by one who has power to issue that order within the purview of their station/holdings/lands/etc. Due to the nature of war, on the field of battle this only refers to members of the peerage who have specifically been put in charge of an operation.

Embezzlement: This is the fraudulent conversion of personal property of another by a person in lawful possession of that property. For example, a tax collector who keeps the funds collected would be guilty of this crime, as would be a magistrate who keeps any fines levied for his own use.

Extortion: Extortion is the act of forcing a person to give value against their will through the threat of force or harm. The value can be coins, gifts, favors or anything else a court might deem to have value.

Forgery: Forgery is the production or planting of false papers and documents or false signatures on legitimate documents that the accused knows or has reason to know are false.

Kidnapping: Kidnapping involves the unlawful confinement of a person that involves some movement of the victim to another place against their will. The statute verifies that unconscious people cannot grant their consent, nor can people under mental or magical control.

Larceny: Larceny is the taking and carrying away of personal property of another with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive that person of the property. This includes stealing of another person's possessions from their home, cart, or personal dwelling.

Manslaughter: Manslaughter is broken down into two subcategories: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is a killing that would be murder but for the existence of adequate provocation. This is a subjective test that asks if a reasonable person would have been so moved to commit such an act under the provocation. Involuntary Manslaughter is causing the death of someone through inaction or negligence.

Mockery of a Noble Title: Being insulting, degrading, or otherwise not showing the proper respect to one’s noble title constitutes this offense. While it is not necessary to bow or kneel before every noble of the land, it is considered a sign of respect upon the first audience with them for the day to acknowledge their service to the lands through the action of kneeling, bowing, or through the showing of the open palms, until they have either acknowledged you, or two seconds have passed. While not showing respect to an individual noble in this manner is not grounds for prosecution, to disrespect anyone for taking the act of showing the proper respect to said nobles is considered a punishable offense, and will be punished according to the station of the party showing the proper respect.

Murder: Murder is the deliberate taking of a life though an intent to kill or an intent to inflict great bodily injury which leads to death. This will apply even if the victim is given a Life spell before having to resurrect. This crime has a mandatory minimum sentence of a death plus applicable standard minimum fines for each death caused. More than one person can be convicted of murder if they acted in concert, even if only one of them struck the actual killing blow (and they are likely to face a Conspiracy charge as well.)

Necromancy: Necromancy is the successful use of any necromantic spell, ritual, or effect (including from use or creation of a magical item, potion or scroll). This includes the creation, control of, or assistance rendered to undead creatures. The minimum sentence for Necromancy which involves the undead is death plus any applicable fines. Until further notice, those cases in which necromantic effects are used but do not involve any unliving beings, will be judged at triple the standard fines as well as a period of servitude to the front of no less than one year. As Necromancy always affects the lands, even in the case where there is no sentient being harmed, the prosecution will be for unleashing necromantic energies into the lands, and potentially strengthening the enemies of Stradyn. Note that many magistrates and judging nobles currently consider any use of Necromancy treason due to the war with Hargroth as is their right.

Obstruction: Any willful or accidental act that impedes, or attempts to impede, the execution of Law. This includes, lying to investigators or magistrates, destroying evidence (including memories), coercion, misrepresentation of facts, or trying to trick or stop a duly appointed authority from carrying out a sentence.

Piracy: Piracy is defined as committing crimes as part of a group of outlaws (i.e. not affiliated with a Nation) that engages in criminal activity or other activities that would be construed as acts of war were they committed by agents of a foreign nation. It is not unusual for the crimes themselves (such as Assault, Theft, or Murder, for example) to be included with a Piracy charge or for a Treason charge to be attached if the accused had been an Citizen. Merely being a member of such a group is sufficient to be charged with Piracy. This law includes groups other than pirates (such as bandit groups or other criminal organizations) and is not limited to crimes committed on the high sea. In addition to the standard fines, the punishment is death.

Possession of Unlawful Items: Possession of any items deemed illegal by the courts of Stradyn. Examples include: Any item with a necromantic effect, or any outlawed ritual items or scrolls (refer to ritual laws for details on these.)

Pretending to a Noble Title: A commoner who attempts to convince others that he or she is a noble or member of a royal guild has violated this law and is possibly subject to the penalties of a Treason conviction as well.

Robbery: Robbery is a taking of the personal property of another from that person by force or by threats of force with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property. It is more serious than larceny (which do not require taking from the person themselves).

Slavery: Slavery is the holding in permanent bondage of another citizen or protected traveler. This is not to be confused with Servitude, which is a court appointed punishment in lieu of payment or death.

Tax Evasion: The failure to pay one’s appropriate tax, fee, toll, or other remuneration to the proper authorities. Tax authorities will always be travelling with a Lord known to the lands they are within, in absence of a local Lord, any noble of higher station with direct authority over those lands will also be considered acceptable

Trafficking with Creatures not natural to Fortanis: Entering into any agreement, pact or otherwise holding truck on behalf of Stradyn, one of its Royal Guilds, or Noble stations with a magical or extra-planar creature is strictly forbidden. These creatures are often chaotic by nature and disrupt the serenity of the citizens of Stradyn, and often pose a direct threat to the stability of the lands. These creatures specifically include: Fey, Extra-Planar creatures of any type, Elementals of any station, Planar guardians from the non material plane (the home plane of Fortannis), and Leprechauns

Treason: Treason is any rebellious action that is taken against the lawful governing bodies of Stradyn or giving aid to any enemy of Stradyn. Speaking to encourage others to commit crimes against Stradyn would certainly be Treason. Any noble is considered a “lawfully governing body” as are all magistrates, sheriffs, and other town or city officials.

Punishments for Treason carries the minimum mandatory sentence of death in addition to twice the minimum standard fines (and often far higher than that). Subsequent treason convictions (even if all part of the same incident) can be subject to Rite of Banishment at the discretion of a council of no less than three of Baronial rank or higher.
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Alliance Rules
Stradyn Culture Packet:

Northern Stradyn - Voordeholme “The Backbone”

“Gran Gran!” The door burst open and flooded the front room of my house with sunlight, laughter, and love. I was expecting my son and his children today, but not this early. The children pattered across the room and all clung to my skirts as if they hadn’t seen me in a dogs age.

“Oh my darlings! I’ve missed you so! Come here, come here, let Gran look at you.” I sat down on a stool near the butchering table in the kitchen and inspected my grandchildren one by one. “Nathan, you’ve gotten so big and strong! I bet you could throw my cow over the barn with one hand!” I pinched Nathans cheek, at least a little bit to let him know he would never get too big for Gran to do that. “Livia, your hair has gotten so long! You could put your brothers eye out if you used it as a whip!” Livia glanced at Nathan mischievously, and his eyes flitted nervously around the room. “Daniel. You’re such a handsome young boy. I know one day you’ll be a Duke and all the ladies will swoon over you. They will be so disappointed when you are more interested in… BEING A GOLEM, RAAAWWRR!” I picked Daniel up and hoisted him onto my shoulders and we began stomping around the room, chasing his brother and sister.
My son and his wife entered shortly after, carrying light luggage and a basket of food. I stomped over to my son and gestured for him to drop his bags. “Rawwr, we’re a scary golem!” I lowered my voice “Take this child from me, I’m too old for this.” I passed Daniel to his father “Raawwrr! Hello Dalina, how are you, love?”

“Very well mum, we’re so glad to see you. Are you alright? Should you really be carrying Daniel like that?” I had bent a bit at the waist and braced my lower back, trying not to make too much of a show of it.
“Oh, probably not, but I know he loves that game.” I stretched a bit, and a quiet pop reverberated through my body. I will have to stop doing that soon, just not today. My son and grandchildren romped around the room while I helped Dalina with the bags. The children would be staying a few days while they went away for business. Danila and my son Rupert were jewelers, and they said there was a good opportunity near the capital for them to sell their wares, but they needed to go negotiate in person.

“Kids come gather round and have some lunch before your mom and dad have to leave.” The children bounced around the house for a few minutes and eventually settled into the kitchen with the rest of us. I had some lunch prepared and we ate and chatted idly for a time. It was good to see my family, especially since Lem had passed. Danila had offered to have me move across the valley with her and Rupert, but I couldn’t bear to leave the home I had made with Lem, even if it was just my home now.

We ate and talked, about the farm (really just one cow, 5 chickens, and two grumpy goats at this point), the jewelry business, and school for the children. Life was good, but not great. School for the kids was fine, not perfect. This was one of the years you would look back on and not have strong memories about. At least, if you didn’t try. I was trying my damndest to cherish these memories, because time flies away from you, especially at my age. I don’t know how many more lunches I’ll get like this, and I don’t want to forget a thing.

Time does what it does, and Rupert and Danila were soon on their way, off to see some big time jewelry store owners and talk about business. I was left with the children and we made the most of the daylight. The cow didn’t need milking, but the kids loved to see her anyway. The chickens had already laid their eggs, but they were friendlier than most fowl, so we walked around the garden with them. The goats were another matter, but I let them harass the children a bit to remind them that not every animal in the world was their friend.

The sun was threatening to set and we made our way back into the house. I fixed dinner and we sat around the fire eating our stew and bread. The children were tired, but the twinkle in their eyes said they were not tired enough for bed.

“Gran Gran tell us a story!” Daniel pleaded. “We wanna hear a story before it gets too late and then I get sleepy and then I fall asleep and then I’m in bed and then I can’t hear anything and then I don’t get to hear the rest of the story and then I don’t know what happens and then…”
“Oh, yes, Daniel, I understand. I’ll tell you a story.” I interrupted, to put a stop to Daniels own story that would have lasted half the night. “Go get changed into your bedclothes and bring some pillows down and I’ll tell you a good one.”
“Yeah, story!” Nathan and Livia said, almost in unison. The three of them jumped up and ran to their bags, carrying them upstairs to the bedrooms. Daniel jumped up at first, but was delayed by a yawn that seemed too large for his young frame.
“Are you sure you’re not too tired, Daniel?” I asked from beneath raised eyebrows.

“No, no! Story time! I love your stories Gran!” Daniel hustled off up the stairs after his brother and sister, and I had a few moments of quiet.

“Hmm, which story today…” I tottered over to a small bookshelf in the den and perused my selection. “‘This Heart of Mine’? No, too long. ‘The Flaming Sword of Markahn’? No, I don’t think they’re ready for that one yet. ‘Honor and Duty’? Too violent. Hmm… Ah, this will do. ‘The Pumpkin Predicament’.”

I settled into my chair just as the children came racing down the steps, all clad for bed and carrying a pillow or two each. “Come on then, gather round, pillows on the floor, take your seats.” Six glittery eyes looked back at me from the floor. My family, my heart. This would be a good story for them tonight, and I would cherish this memory.

I smiled as I began the story. “Once upon a time-”

“How long ago was that?!” Daniel interjected.

“A long time ago. No more questions during the story please. I will answer at the end if you still have them.” Daniel seemed dejected for a moment, but quickly returned to his previous level of anticipation. “Once… A long time ago. There was a man named Keden, who grew the best pumpkins in the land. He tended his pumpkin patch day and night, sold them at market, and gave pumpkin presents to all his friends. Keden baked pumpkin pie, he roasted pumpkin seeds, and carved pumpkin lanterns during the harvest season. He was well known in the land, even more so because everywhere he went, he sang and rhymed.
“ ‘I come to you, a farmer true,
With the warrant of our Lord.
I bring you goods, myself I grew
And I don't ever carry a sword
If you've got a lute I'll strum you a chord,
And stick a tune to somethin'
But I might 'ave picked a better gourd
Cause nothin' rhymes with pumpkin!’”

The children laughed and kicked their feet, delighting in the rhyme. I smiled and continued the story. “Keden spent his days after the harvest traveling the land, selling his pumpkins, and returned to his farm when his stock was depleted. With his trusty Horse Maven to pull the cart, they wandered the northern duchy from edge to edge, always returning to their farm.

“One year the local Lord, who adored Keden very much, decided to have a

pumpkin growing contest. Now everyone knew this would go to Keden, but the people loved the idea, and everyone threw themselves into the contest with gusto. Including the newcomer to town… Pelatis.”

“Booo, booo, we knew Pelatis!” The children had heard of Pelatis, he was a character in other stories, and they knew his reputation. A sneak and liar, Pelatis would surely be the villain of this story.
“Yes, Pelatis. He had just moved to town and had a scheme to win the contest. Like many townsfolk he went and purchased pumpkin seeds from Keden, as everyone knew he grew the best pumpkins. Pelatis went and planted his seeds just like everyone else, but unlike everyone else, he then snuck about in the night, and he snuck all the way to Kedens farm.

“After the sun had gone down and everyone was asleep, he dug up Kedens garden of freshly planted pumpkin seeds, thinking Keden could not win the contest if he didn’t have any pumpkins to compete. Patting himself on the back, he went home and slept like an evil little baby, knowing he had ruined Keden’s chances of winning the contest.

“When he awoke, he found an excuse to walk by the Pumpkin farm, and saw Keden had just re-planted first thing in the morning! The pumpkin farmer had re-planted his entire crop before breakfast. How could he have worked so fast? Who gets up before noon? Pelatis was discouraged, and became even madder when he heard a tune coming from Kedens garden:

“‘A crook, for sure, your honors scant
I'll work all day, I'll sweat and pant
I don't know why they think I can't
I'm a farmer, friend, I love to plant!’

“Pelatis vowed to win that contest no matter what, and he returned home. Over the next growing season he kept coming up with ways to ruin Keden’s harvest, and every time Keden foiled him. Keden kept watch over his fields at night, and friends helped take shifts, knowing there was a hoodlum about. Pelatis kicked wellstones into the well on Keden’s property, but he carried water in by hand until he could get it fixed. He stole Keden’s fertilizer, but his friends brought him more. Obsessed with ruining Keden’s harvest, he neglected his own, and in the days before the contest he realized his own pumpkins, while they had come from good stock and were still fine specimens, were not near as large as Keden’s own.

“Pelatis knew he had to do something, the contest was tomorrow! He decided to do something truly despicable, and hatched a dastardly plan.” The children were rapt with attention, but also droopy eyed, struggling to stay awake through the rest of the story.
“Wha… what di… what did he do Gran Gran?” Livia asked, her eyes bleary, hands clutching her braided hair.

“Pelatis decided… to steal Keden’s horse!”

“No, not the horse! The pun’kin is too big, he can’t carry it by himself!” Daniel was distraught, afraid Pelatis would actually triumph over Keden.

“So Pelatis thought! Listen to the rest!

“That night, earlier than he believed even Keden would wake, Pelatis crept onto the farm. He couldn’t get to the pumpkins without being seen, but the horse barn was farther away. He slipped in, un-tied Maven, and led the horse into the woods. They walked far out into the forest, away from the farm and the road, and Pelatis tied the horse to a tree, with food and water nearby, he would come back and let the horse loose later that night and turn it in the direction of Keden’s farm. It would seem he had gotten loose and wandered off, and none would be the wiser.

“Pelatis went home, gleeful in his machinations, and- It means schemes.” Daniel nodded. “He went home, and loaded up his own cart, his pumpkins, not bad pumpkins, but certainly not Keden pumpkins, loaded in his cart. His own horse, Farfington, hooked up to the cart. They made their way to the Lord’s manor.

“All the pumpkins arrayed on a stage, their growers standing proudly next to them, the Lord began to judge the contest. After several minutes of perusing, stroking his beard, and sagely nodding, he paused. ‘Wait a moment, where is Keden?’
“All the townsfolk looked about, as though they expected he would be here already, but none of them had realized he was absent. The judging was delayed for a time while the area was surveyed, and Keden could not be located. Someone suggested they wait for Keden, and Pelatis was more than happy to speak up. ‘The rules clearly stated judging would commence at noon, my lord…’

“The lord frowned, but conceded. ‘Aye, it did. I’m sure Keden would have loved to be here, but perhaps there-’
“The lord stopped speaking abruptly, and cupped a hand to his ear. Others followed suit, and then quietly from over the hill, a sound could be heard:

‘You dig up my patch, we can't seem to catch,
you in the act, I just react.
You starve my plants, but you got no chance.

You can't stop a man, who believes in his plan,
With farmin' in his heart.

I don't even care that you've stolen my mare
I'll pull me own damn cart!’

“And who comes over the hill, huffing and puffing, but Keden! Pulling his own horse cart by hand, and in the bed of that cart, I swear on my eyes, was the biggest pumpkin you had ever seen! Even bigger than anyone remembered, this pumpkin was almost bigger than the cart that carried it. Why all three of you kids could have fit inside, and it would have made enough pie to last you a year!

“The whole town burst into cries of joy at the sight of Keden, and before he had even brought his cart to a stop the lord was rushing up to him with with a giant ribbon for his pumpkin. The townsfolk picked Keden up on their shoulders and hoisted him high, cheering and joyful.
“And let that be a lesson to you, my young ones. Hard work prospers.”

“But, Gran Gran, didn’t Pelitas also prosper? I mean kinda? He didn’t go to jail or nothin’, and he still had his pun’kins.” Daniel asked, an insightful question for such a young boy.

“Aye, he did, to a degree. Sometimes cheaters don’t get their punishment, and I suppose that’s a lesson of its own.” Daniel nodded slowly, his bleary eyes drooping closed as he fell asleep on his pillow. “Alright, up and to bed with you, I’m too old to carry you all, let’s go.” The children rose slowly and trundled off to sleep, and I tucked them each in.

They grow up so fast… We won’t get many more nights like this. I’m glad to share a story with them, and I hope they do the same with their family. They’ll have their own soon enough. Time flies.

Culture Info

Northern Stradyn is known most of all for it’s agriculture. Warm weather and rich soil allow for excellent yields of a myriad of crops. Voordeholme, especially the farmland, is sometimes called The Backbone in reference to the fact that it produces the majority of Stradyn’s food supply. Voordeholme’s crop production is so prolific in fact that grains and produce are the greatest exports in all of Stradyn.They say you can see a Northerner from a mile away, and that’s usually true. Being the producers of the best cotton and some of the finest dyes on the continent, the people of Voordeholme proudly wear brightly colored clothing.

Far from the battlefront and the snowy south, the people of Voordeholme are safe and comfortable. Rather than take this for granted however, most make a point to work hard and share the wealth of their circumstances with others. Many traditions in this region are centered around hospitality and generosity.

Safety and security can often breed complacency, so dueling competitions are a popular pastime, both for spectators and competitors of every skill level. Military service on the front line is also common, especially for young men and women hoping to improve their station. And while these colorful individuals often find that dueling competitions did not adequately prepare them for war, experienced training officers know to take advantage of these hayseeds’ physical strength, endurance, and diligence to make them into fine soldiers.

Important People

- Osmir Gareli, the Count of Walendale. Count Gareli is jovial, generous, and intelligent, but most know him for his great love for throwing parties. The most lavish of these by far is his annual winter ball. Thousands of people can find work for the preparation and execution of the winter ball, leading some to speculate that the intention of it was always to support his people through the winter months.

- Andras Thellaran. After the famous war hero retired from service, he settled in Voordeholme and became a popular author.

Views of other cultures

Central Stradyn - “Seat of government! Palace to the emperor! High court, in all its majesty! Gosh, I’d love to visit sometime. Do you think they wear their robes and all that all the time? Surely not, I mean, that would be silly… right?”

-Jeremy Alford, baker's apprentice

Western Stradyn - “My boy went out west a few years ago, he came back eventually, but he weren’t the same. He doesn’t talk about it much, but it changed him. He’s quieter now… More reserved.
War changes you, make no mistake.”
-Arthur Camm, dairy farmer

Southern Stradyn - “That place gives me the spooks! It’s nice near the southern border, and close to the other duchies, but anywhere off the road the woods get so deep, so dark. I worry I could get lost in there and never be seen again. They say there’s tar… in pits?! And monsters?! Real monsters? That’s crazy! I don’t like that stuff, no sir.”

-Emilia Faraday, Tavern manager

Ultus - “Oh, our best trading partner, to be sure. Just last year they made up the vast majority of our export. Grain, fruit, meat, dairy. They buy just about anything we can grow or make, as far as food stuffs is concerned. We trade right back, of course, see this knife? Ultan steel, forged in the shops in WildeWinter. Finest blade I’ve ever had in my life. And the medical supplies, of course. They have a much easier time with that sort of thing than we do. Economically we have a very comfortable relationship. Oh, did you mean socially? Damned if I know, never met an Ultan.”

-Miles Barnet, merchant accountant

Garalta - “My family was once from Garalta. Couple generations removed, mind you, but we’re native to that region. My grandpa had some firsthand stories, and he told us what it was like when he was a boy. Some of the things he saw done to his friends, the harsh punishment for dissidents, the reasons he left… They say it’s how they make their life, but it don’t sound like no life to me.”
-Ansel Livingston, cattle herd

Miloa - “Oh I just love those kids, they’re so helpful and curious! I flipped my horse cart the other week and who should come along but a couple goats, happy as can be and more than willing to flip my cart. All they wanted in return was an explanation of cart manufacturing, which happened to be my specialty.”

-Gwendolen Rothyn, Wood Worker

Hargroth - “I know we’re supposed to be afraid of Hargroth, but I feel like they might just be misunderstood. We should offer compassion to all living creatures and - What’s that? They’re not really alive? Actually truly dead? I guess I always thought that was a metaphor. Well now I don’t know.”

-Albrecht Masterson, pacifist and artist

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Alliance Rules
Stradyn Culture Packet:

Western Stradyn - Steinholme “The Front” - Campaign Main Location

Merrin just sat there with his feet kicked up on the rail, hat pulled over his face not making any noise.

“You think they are really going to make a move? I mean look at them out there” Davis called down from atop the lookout on the roof. “There has to be hundreds of them, and they all are just sitting around….shambling I guess.”

Merrin just continued in silence. It wasn’t that odd to Davis, most people on the front weren’t much for talking, especially not the ones that were here to pay off a debt. Merrin was one of those, Davis had overheard him speaking with some of the others that were here by way of servitude, sounded like he beat up a town guard member in a tavern brawl that ended pretty bad. A whole lot of them all chose service on the front instead of death. Must of figured they were good at fighting Davis thought to himself.

“They got some kind of Zombie leading em! You really oughta get a look at this one! No jaw! How the heck does it give orders?!?”

Davis on the other hand was here by choice. Born into war, his family refused to move off the front. On his tenth birthday he enlisted, he bought a jacket that was cut appropriately for his tail, a sword and shield, a handful of battle scrolls, and a hat. He was quickly recognized as an excellent scout, able to pick out enemy numbers with ease, so they taught him how to use a bow, and stuck him up high.

“Looks like they are on the move buddy! Looks like we are gonna get ourselves a fight!!!!!”

Merrin just continued in silence. Davis’s tail began wagging uncontrollably. There was nothing he loved more than the rush of battle. All of his senses perked up just a little. He could feel the moisture on his nose, and the blood rush through his body. His ears were ringing, but he heard someone else trying to get his attention.

“Davis! Get down from there, we have been compromised!” Trent called out from another rooftop.

Davis looked back at Trent, “What are you talking about, Merrin can you believe this guy? Scared of a Zombie!” Davis turned back knocked an arrow and let it fly to gauge his range, firing about 20 yards short of what he could actually hit.

“No Davis, we’re screwed! Half of our guards are dead, like dead dead. Adam is dead, Jacob is dead, Merrin is sitting below you dead right now! Whatever was in that fog last night got them all man! We have to run now!” Trent was frantic, he had lost one too many friends to this war, and had never seen anything like this. It was a given that if someone was committed to servitude in the war, it was generally because their spirit was weak, but this was just bad luck having so many permanently die the night right before a fight.

“Nah, I’m good.” Davis knocked and loosed another arrow, this one found it’s home in one of the horde of skeletons shambling it’s way at the encampment, instantly returning the being to dust. “What good is running anyways? There are undead everywhere, at some point we have to make a stand. Run if you want, but I’m killing that Zombie.” Davis loosed another arrow, another hit, this time taking away the magical protection covering the Zombie leading the troops.

“Your spirit strong?” Trent picked up and readied his bow

“Strong enough!” Davis said without looking back, continuing to fire his quivers into the enemy.

“Let’s do what we came here to do then.” Trent joined Davis, though from a different blind, both archers raining arrows upon their enemies until they could fight no more.

Culture Info

Western Stradyn is a land at war. For two score years the front has been the epicenter of skirmishes on and off the coast of Stradyn. This has caused the lands, and the people within those lands, to be a bit harsher and more rugged than those in the safer areas of Stradyn. Even so, those who chose to live on the front seem to be the most patriotic, adventurous, or carefree.

It is not unheard of to run into stable-hands with stories of resurrecting at the hands of a horde of skeletons, or a smith who outfitted an entire battalion with no time or ore to spare. In fact Steinholme is the place you go if you want the best stories, or the best ale. Those who live in The Front work hard and find purpose in growing and defending their lands, but also understand that their lot is a dangerous one, and celebrate each prosperous day with much joy.

The nobles of Steinholme are likewise some of the most noteworthy in glory and battle-tested rulers in the lands, and it is considered an honor to oversee and protect holdings within the oft dangerous lands of the west. Many of them are chosen from the ranks of the local militias. Especially those whom have shown strong leadership potential, or great ability in stewardship.

It is just as true though that many other nobles have volunteered from around the kingdom as showing strong leadership in a dangerous land is a quick way to move up within the nobility of Stradyn. This is seen often of the Longshadows, a longstanding family of Steinholme that has a history of producing many future nobles within the lands of Stradyn. While not particularly common for one house to produce so many who rise to noble rank, the Longshadows of Echo Grove, known as the new seat of the Duchy, have a particular skill with raising young, patriotic, children of strong will and compassion.

As of 617 the Barony of Marshstead in Netherdale County is the source of constant and active conflict. Many resources have been directed towards producing supply lines to reinforce, and keep the front lines stocked. Those working in the other neighboring Baronies, which are also in active conflict, often deal with raids from intelligent undead as well as incursions from the dreaded lupoids, but not nearly to the extent of the Barony of Marshstead.

In the Counties further inland though, there is a constant push to produce more towards the war effort, blacksmith’s hammers can be heard through the air at all hours, while the scroll and potion makers take great care to rush the right amount of supplies out as safely as they can. These individuals face extreme danger from the more intelligent undead and rogue agents rather than any organized force and as such are much more likely to be skeptical of trust, but at the same time will never turn away a helping hand due to the nature and volume of what they are attempting to produce.

It is not uncommon for those of high noble rank to be seen passing through a town, or a group of Knights catching up and telling stories at a tavern due to the nature of constant conflict, and the amount of support that entails. Even the Duke of the lands is known to make trips to the front to speak with the people and to assess their needs. In any other Duchy this would be scene as an insult to the other nobles tasked with managing those lands, but because of the war, it is more an act of morale than anything else, and the people respond to it very well.

Important People

Duke Ellend Longshadow - Duke Longshadow is an Elf of great renown throughout Stradyn and Ultus. A member of the Longshadow family by birth, he spent the majority of his life in the central Duchy of Crestholme as a personal military advisor to the former King Iden. It has been rumored that he was personally selected by the King from the ranks of the Squires of Ordo Chimera, and was immediately raised to the rank of Baron upon being assigned as an advisor to the King. Due to work as a military advisor to the former King, the current King Malik granted the lands, and the management of its resources, to Duke Longshadow when Hargroth openly began militarizing against Strayden. Over the last 40 years the people of Steinholme have come to know the Duke as fair, just, and caring, especially of those who make their lives on the front lines.

Lord Knight Jolene Zara of the Order of the Basilisk - The good Ser Jolene Zara was born into the lands of Steinholme, served her squireship there, and eventually was made Lord Knight after she was tasked with holding an important town from being overrun by overwhelming odds. While she was not the only one to receive honors that day (as many other guild members, mercenaries, and adventurers contributed), she was able to complete her personal oath to the Lord Knight she previously served of defending it with her life. While his body remains in Barston, permanently entombed with the others who gave their lives to stop the first major incursion, she continues on helping to direct and coordinate the battle efforts from wherever the fighting is the thickest. She can often be seen on the front lines in the mix of a fight, or fixing up even the poorest layman's armor after the battle. Ser Jolene is known well to be a consummate warrior with few equals

Lord Yvonne Longshadow - Lord Yvonne Longshadow is another Elf of the Longshadow family. Having served as a town’s magistrate for some time, she was eventually given a Lordship over one of the more dangerous parts of the front. It is said that she had the option to take a position in the courts of Crestholme, but instead chose to take over land as close to the front as possible. A Lord who is known to defend her lands with gas, steel, or bow, Lord Longshadow is also one of the most gentle of all the Lords when it comes to her people. She has been known to be not only forgiving of mistakes and petty crimes, but is one of the few Lords whom is known to attempt to rehabilitate criminals within the lands by way of service. For her part, she is well loved by her community and those she has helped to find a path in life.

Master Morin - The good Master Morin is the caravans leader of Steinholme. He makes his life moving things from one place to the next, and always seems to be where he needs to be to get the job done. It is said he was even once offered lands, but declined due to the lack of travel and adventure that comes with managing things which do not move. Some would argue that Master Morin is the most important person in all of Steinholme, for without him, the shipments do not get to the battlements, and without supplies all is lost. He is known to be humble about his position though, in his words “My part is just to hire the right people to get things from here to there, much less brave or honorable than facing down death at the end of a sword or spell. Give your thanks to the young people of the front, risking their entire lives for the sake of others. They are the ones who keep us all alive.”

Views of other Cultures-

Central Stradyn - “It’s hard enough to live a life on the front lines of a war zone without those petty purchase nobles coming in and looking at this place like it’s some kind of show. I mean sure, you or your family earned enough wealth to purchase some lands, or a spot at court, but outside of the magical trinkets and ritual scrolls they bring out to sell or gamble with I just find the whole lot of them to be distracting. I’m sure they are great when they are at home, but you talk to any noble in Steinholme for comparison and you will see the difference a hard life makes” - Handsome Jarred, Local Guildmaster of the Engineering Guild

Northern Stradyn - “We love, and I mean loooove the people of Voordeholme. You ask me, and ill put my life on the line any day for one of those farmers. A person can’t think straight when they are hungry. Want to lose a war? Starve the troops. It breaks morale, trust, and all the other things you need to keep the common person fighting. You ask me, anyone from Voordeholme has a seat at my table.” Ser Absolom

Southern Stradyn - “Them southern folk come out here like this is some kind of vacation. The young women especially, fresh steel in hand, and ready for valor. Ain’t nothing like a fresh face on a line who is excited to see something dead to fight. Gotta love that enthusiasm. That being said, I sure wish they would leave that enthusiasm on the field. A tavern fight is a terrible thing to clean up after!” Master Nerrgowel of the Red Fist Tribe - Barkeep

Ultus - “Specificity, didn’t even know that was a word. Those Ultans or whatever they call themselves got a bunch of words like that. To me, all I care about is their coin, and man do they got a lot of it. At least they are selling stuff cheap, could you imagine if they were charging full price for their supplies? War would be over!” Goodman Merkel caravan navigator

Garalta - “Ain’t never met a Garaltan, I have met a bunch of people who used to be from Garalta, but I never met one who was into their whole way of life. Gotta be harsh living under such strict pretenses and all. I for one cherish my ability to make a mistake, it’s how they say you learn best.” One arm Jo, known thief

Miloa - “Are the Miloan’s not the greatest? You could have a horde of undead kicking in doors looking for the living to kill and the little jerks will squeal in glee about the new experience, or about how one of them was right in regards to the strength of a femur compared to an Oak door. That’s not to say they won’t pull their own weight, but by golly, I have never seen anyone quite like a Miloan.” Squire Ashley Buckleberry

Hargroth - “The enemy. Not much to say, but as I understand it the place used to be a whole continent filled with people, much like Stradyn, that is until the Dragon woke up. You want to know why people hate Dragons, and Fae, and all those nonsensically powerful beings so much? Look no further than Hargroth.” Lord Enderson


Alliance Rules
Stradyn Culture Packet:

Southern Stradyn - Gallinholme “The Wild”

Piper and I had heard the local folk talking about a beast lurking around the crossing. This town just off the Black Road was one of the midway stops between Toria and Bristle Burrow, and they called it Haven. Wasn’t always called that, used to be something spooky like “BlackMire”, I don’t recall exactly, but they changed the name because they thought it would increase trade.
It worked, after a fashion, a name means a lot to the right kind of people, and more folk wanted to overnight in a place called Haven than they did in a place that sounded like it was all peat bogs and tar pits. Problem was, Haven was mostly peat bogs and tar pits. Had a real bad vermin problem too.

The locals had gotten wind of Piper coming through and asked to hire him. Strictly speaking he isn’t on the job when he’s out recruiting, but he’s not-not on the job if you get me. They pleaded their case and the fact was they needed help, but the other fact was they also had the coin to pay. Bounty Hunters Guild pay is usually pretty good, and it gets better the more dangerous the work. This was no exception. Lucky for the locals all that traffic had fattened their purses, and after trying to send a few local kids out to deal with the problem and having them come back the hard way, they decided to hire a professional.

Well, two professionals.

Well, one and a half professionals.

Piper said he liked me for the team, and wanted to bring me on, but the boss said I needed to get out and get my feet wet. I been out in these woods my whole life, my feet have been wet more times than I can count, but they don’t know that. Alright, fine, let’s put our cards on the table and show them what I got.

Didn’t have to go far in the woods before the sound and light of the road disappeared behind us. This part of the country, the wood was dense, the trees got taller than you could imagine once you got more than a half mile off the road. Taller than you could see, anyway. Some called it the wood-sea, but you couldn’t sail here. Some places got so dense you could barely walk, let alone run a cart or bring a horse. The peat bogs could appear as oases in the desert to a weary traveler, clearings in the trees where you thought you had come across something in the dark wood, but they would swallow you up like a greedy beast if you laid a foot on em wrong.
The tar pits were worse, and the death they offered was often slower. Depending on the depth you might only find yourself stuck to the waist, and if you didn’t come with a party of healthy wanderers to pull you out, you could expect to die of thirst or starvation out here in the dark. If something didn’t find you first. Hey, at least you’d drown in the peat, or freeze if the season was late enough.

We trekked through the forest for a few hours, we had been briefed on the danger the folk of Haven were facing and Piper had a pretty good reckoning of what was causing it. The problem was, this particular type of quarry was erratic and didn’t always hunt for food. Based on the tales of the townsfolk, Piper thought it would be out ranging, maybe looking for prey or other of its kind. Problem was, even if it found its family, they wouldn’t accept it back into the group. Something had happened to this beast, and it weren’t right any more.

We caught sight of the beast in the early morning, or at least I think it was early morning. The light didn’t much penetrate the wood-sea this deep, not until much later in the day, but my internal clock was pretty well fine tuned, and I reckon it was close to sunrise.

Piper and I kept up high in the trees, watching her for a couple hours. Piper was relatively certain it was a sow, though how he could tell I may never know. He spotted her first, and it took me more than one take to pick her out of her surroundings. The camouflage was near perfect, as you might expect under the circumstances, and it weren’t until she lunged at what must have been a squirrel or raccoon on the forest floor that I noticed her.

I’d heard tell of dire swine in The WIld, and I think I’d seen one or two before, but always from a distance. This would have been a specimen to behold in her better days, but her luck had run dry a long time ago, and she was in a bad way.

Piper said they called them Lusus Naturae, and this weren’t the only type, but it happened from time to time, and it were as tragic as it were dangerous. They called this type a Timber Shark, and the name weren’t a bad descriptor for how the pig looked now. The Dire Swine must have fallen in a tar pit, covered from head to toe, and fought its way out. The tar was thick, and if one of our people fell in it they’d’ve needed a years supply of solvent to get out of the hair, from under their nails, in their eyes. The swine stood no chance, out here in the wood-sea. It had emerged from that tar, a great triumph that few could have accomplished, and it were covered from snout to tail in the sticky stuff.

The way Piper explained it that tar was mighty uncomfortable, and it stuck to everything. Over the course of a few weeks that swine would try to get it off the only way she knew how, by rubbing up on every tree she passed. There wasn’t nothing to be done about that tar without an alchemists shop in the wings, though, so all the sow ended up doing was covering herself in branches, tree bark, maybe the odd stone or two, and she ended up looking like a monster your momma wouldn’t even have come up with for your bedtime stories. The crest of that big hogs back ended up lookin’ a bit like a fin, and I expect that’s why they called it a Timber Shark.

We watched that beast make its way along a game trail and listened to the soft clacking of wood pieces knocking together as she walked, occasionally she would grunt or snuffle in pain, but she took no notice of us in our perch. We had gauged the wind right and the swine didn’t have the best eyesight to start with, before she fell in the tar.

Piper and I conferred and a plan formed between us. We would hunt this boar as the people of The Wild had hunted swine for decades, with a spear. Piper knew the method for crafting the boar spear and I weren’t no slouch. We went to work.

We spent days crafting the spear. We harvested the wood, we found the right type and hardness of stone. We knapped it ourselves, and bound the point with sinew of animals we had hunted in the weeks previous. We built our weapon, we picked our ground, and we chose our bait. We tracked the boar, and we waited.

We had chosen several sites for our kill, and we needed to wait for the Timber Shark to meander close enough to one of them to be baited into the trap. The beast was unpredictable, and it would terrorize the forest at times during our hunt. Luckily we had caught the beast far enough out that none of the local folk were in danger, but the sow had already taken a blood price from them, and hopefully we could prevent any further deaths. Aside from the one more that was necessary.

We assessed the Timber Shark in the early morning of the tenth day, and could tell she was moving for one of our ambush sites. We had staked a fresh doe there that morning and knew she was hungry, as she hadn’t had nothin’ to eat but squirrel and chipmunk in a day and a half. The only problem was the site she was heading to.

This site was not our best, and on dangerous ground, but the hunt had gone on for near two weeks, and we were worried if we delayed further the Shark would hunger enough to push in to Haven, and take another one of the residents. This was a grim fate for any, but neither of us wanted the weight on our conscience of the Shark taking one of the villagers, a traveler, or worse, a child. We made our decision to hunt the Shark here and now, and we sprung our trap when the beast approached.

The Timber Shark wove between the trees in the darkness. It must have been halfway to noon, but it was still dusky in the wood-sea, and the wood spines of the swine reached the lower branches of some of the larger trees, easily fifteen feet tall. Our doe was staked in a small, clear area, only a few feet on a side, but in a wide enough area for the Shark to reach it.

The beast entered cautiously, snuffling at the air. Piper and I had had a wood smoke bath that morning, cleaning ourselves of unnatural scent and standing in the thick smoke of burning pine boughs we had thrown on our fire. We knew it couldn’t be perfect, but it appeared to be enough for the Timber Shark to miss our smell. She entered the small clearing, testing the ground before putting her weight on it. Obviously she had learned her lesson about tar pits, and likely she had fallen in a bog or two in her life.

We let her enter and take the doe. She was hungry and did not waste time in taking the bound deer. The animal did not suffer, and that was a small kindness. As she ate we demurred for a moment, allowing the sow to be fully invested in her kill.

Piper waited in the tree, spear at the ready. We had picked the spot and he knew when to deploy the weapon. The beast would impale itself on the spear with her own momentum. I merely had to… entice her. I leapt to the ground. Cards on the table. Let’s show them what I’m made of.

I landed and immediately stood tall, flaring my cloak. I had stitched bright yellow cloth on the inside to stand out against the dark wood. I flapped the cloak and waved my arms, yelling nonsense at the top of my lungs. Whistling, jeering, and hooting, I pranced around no less than thirty feet from the Timber Shark.

The beast was immediately confused and took a step forward to cover her prey. This was her kill and no one would take it from her. She was hungry, she was in pain, and she was lonely. I somersaulted and whooped mere yards from the beast, eventually eliciting a reaction in the form of a deep, bass, rumble from the monsters chest. I had her attention now, and all I had to do was seal the deal.

I took a step toward her, hand outstretched toward the doe. She shifted, dust blooming from under her wood-covered hooves. I took one more big step, reaching for the doe.

The squeal from the Timber Shark was ear splitting, and I knew before the sound had concluded that it was my cue to flee. I turned on my heel and ran down the lane we had prepared. I jumped over roots and ducked tree limbs, the Timber Shark plowing behind me like a warship under full sail. My feet were quick, and I outran the beast for now, though that wouldn’t last long, and I yelled over my shoulder as she followed me.

As I neared the end of the lane I swore that I could feel her hot breath on my back, but that was probably my own fear, covering me like a blanket in this time of terror. As I made the final leap I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I knew, I hoped… it was Piper, setting the spear. The Ironwood shaft, the obsidian speartip, the sinew lashing. I ducked into the hollow I had chosen and I knew my partner had done his job, and if he hadn’t? I wouldn’t live long enough to curse his name.

A crash of thunder. Silence. Musk. Silence. Darkness. Dripping. Grunts. A shifting, clacking sound. A small light breaking in from the hole of my hollow. I don’t know how long I was in there, but the Timber Shark had impaled herself on the entire length of the spear, and come to rest completely covering the entrance of the hollow I had dived into. Piper pried open an egress, shifting the massive body of the beast enough for me to escape. I was dazed. I looked at him, dumbfounded.

“You think I got all fuckin’ day?” He shouted into the hovel. That broke me from my reverie, and I scrambled out of the hole. I took at least a half dozen slivers as I scrambled out past the Timber Shark, and I winced and gasped as I gained my feet. Piper gave me no quarter and immediately admonished me. “Did you see that peat bog? We rehearsed this! The peat was right under your feet, and if you had missed one step on those hags you’d be Shark food right now!”
“I know where I was stepping, she was running too fast! If I had gone around she would have run me down and had me for lunch before you could’a gotten out of the tree! What would you have done anyway, eh? Stuck her with your knife?” My chest heaved, still high off the adrenaline, and righteously indignant, prepared to argue as long as I had the breath.

“...” Pipers lips made a thin line, and he seemed about to channel another outburst. “You… are right. You did the job. That was the right choice.” He regarded the beast before us. “This was hard, and you did it. You made this happen.” He looked in my eyes and I could see the sincerity there. “Welcome to the Bounty Hunters Guild, lass. I think you’ll make a fine addition.”

Culture Info:

Gallinholme is a large, mostly untamed territory in the south of Stradyn. Gallinholme is the closest territory to Ultus, and all trade with that Kingdom travels The Black Road of Gallinholme. The Wild is a large territory, and only marginally civilized. The border of Ultus is in stark contrast to the rest of Gallinholme, in close proximity to civilization, with healing more readily available than the rest of Stradyn. The influx of Ultan goods keeps the populace with a good supply of quality steel and equipment, allowing the Gallinholme people to prosper in their chosen professions as rangers, hunters and tradespeople. The average citizen of Gallinholme is sharp as a tack, armed, and dangerous.

Gallinholme folk who live near the border keep to themselves, feeling more civilized than the average resident, and to the people of The Wild, they’re Nultans (Near Ultans). The city of Toria is in spitting distance of the border with Ultas, and in Toria, life is good. Healing is near, goods are high quality, and the economy is strong. Torians are as quick as the rest of the residents of Gallinholme, but lend their talents to trade, economics, and city planning. The Torian sprawl offers as good a quality of life as one can hope for in Stradyn, outside of Scarleton, but this security enjoys a small dominion. Outside the city the wild claims the reaches, and the folk who live in The Wild know they can’t rely on anyone but themselves

Important People:

Kieran Piper - Kieran is the Head Recruiter for the Bounty Hunters Guild. The best hunters from Stradyn hail from Gallinholme, and the County Hunters Guild knows this. Kieran makes few appearances along The Black Road, though he is known to stop in and chat with caravaners and their guards. His heart is in the wild, and he seeks out his people. Offering employment to the capable and council to the novice.

Cane Davies - Magistrate Davies oversees daily operations at the border crossing outside Toria. A Hobling pragmatist, Cane has lived in Gallinholme for 50 years, and done business in Stradyn her entire life. Toria is a pragmatic business-woman, and is always open to negotiate. Cane delights in the art of the deal, and terms are always up for debate

Steffon Nest - Mr. Nest is the Mayor of Bristle Burrow, the midway point between Toria and the rest of Stradyn. Bristle Burrow lies on the only major crossroads of The Black Road, where highways from all Stradish Dutchies connect on the way to Ultus. Bristle Burrow is a former barbarian territory, and Mr Nest is the former chieftan of the Black Burr tribe. The area was settled by Stradish officials decades ago, and they endeavoured to maintain local authority over the region. Mr. Nest has proven himself a capable local leader, and the Stradysh authorities have seen fit to maintain him as the magistrate and mayor of the Bristle Burrow region. Justice is swift and authoritarian in the region, and the majority of citizens live full time in the Wild. Bristle Burrow is friendly enough for those passing through, but complications can arise for the unwary traveler.

Views of other Cultures:

The Front - “They steal away all our best hunters, they do. Every young lad or lass with real promise always wants a taste of the glory, and they head out west. Know what glory gets you? An early grave and sore feet from all that bloody walkin. This is where the real challenge is. Hunting beasts”

-Gwenyth Pritchett, ranger

The Capital - “All that court and carryin’ on, it’s all too much for me. I went down there for a vacation one year and hoo boy was that a mistake. I have never been so bored in my entire life, but somehow it was more expensive than any other vacation I’ve taken.

The food was good.”

-Meggan Gwynn, caravan driver

The Backbone - “‘The Backbone’, feh. Maybe if the backbone were all soft folk what pushed the dirt around all day. They say we need ‘Farmers’, but I always gathered what I needed. Sure, they make enough food to feed the kingdom and then some, sure we sell that food for money to other kingdoms and it makes us financially stable. Sure, we get better food than other places and our folk grow big and strong, which helps in all kinds of-oh I get it. I said it and then I got it.”

-Jac Glasco, trapper

Garalta - “I knew a fella what used to be from Garalta. Quiet, kept to himself. Shaky, kinda nervous, you know? Always lookin’ over one shoulder or the other. I heard sometimes they hunt down thems that leave. Or do they escape? He didn’t like to talk about it, but I heard stories. Don’t sound like no way to live to me, what’s life with no freedom? Can’t get drunk in a bar and pee in a bush without gettin’ yer hand chopped off? No thank you.”

-Maelor Urian, Torian caravan guard

Hargroth - “The beasts over there must be a sight to see, eh? Can you imagine? I’d love to hunt those plains. I wonder how long I would last…”
-Elgar Kendrick, local maniac

Miloan - “Oh I love those folk! Those goats are always so kind and helpful. They help me on the farm when they come through, they want to know how to milk the cows and what the chickens are like. I’m so glad they’re part of Stradyn, it really brightens the place up.”

-Melinda Parsons, Innkeep

Ultus - “They got it so easy, ‘cept those boys down south. Kinda like here, I reckon. Lots of trade, lots of “diplomacy”. Most of those folks don’t know about the dangers in the wilds, let alone out in this world. I’m sure they’ll give you a fair price on bread, but would they be any good on a hunt? Or if a beast was at your door?”

-Tomi Morris, Bounty Hunter recruit


Alliance Rules
Stradyn Culture Packet:

Central Stradyn - Crestholme “The Capital”

“It’s a little bit funny right? I mean, the coincidence. Can’t say I was ready for this, but honestly, can’t say it caught me by surprise.”

“This is the first thing you have to say to me? You think this is funny?”

“Yeah, I mean, us both being here today. As in, the number of times our paths have crossed is seemingly uncountable. You always had a penchant for getting into trouble, and coming back to our family injured and in need, but now here we are, standing in front of a gate to oblivion, and you aren’t in need anymore are you boy?”

“No, there is nothing funny about this, were our positions reversed, I would say no differently.”

“For all the times you were patched up and sent on your way. For all the time I had to spend cleaning up after your wounds, your broken bones, it is not enough. I looked after you in town, we were friends. I thought I taught you better. Saying nothing is not enough for what you have done. After everything we did to teach you properly, I still cannot get over that it is you of all people here in front of me now.”

“ It changes nothing. When we were younger I didn’t have the benefit of having parents. I had the forest, I had the caves, and I had a town nearby to drag myself back to when I was injured. That town had a healer, a fairly competent one in your mother, and it wasn’t like she could turn me away, so sure our paths crossed, and while your father taught me, he taught me how to cheat and steal good Ser, let us not act like it was teaching out of kindness.”

“Maybe, but the cost is high when you come back mangled time and time again, over and over throughout the years.”

“It was the only way I could pay. Your father used my youth, and he used your mother to do it. I recognized the family name the second I saw you were assigned to the executioners post. Know this is personal, and I will never forgive you for it, but I apologize to you for us being here, in front of this gate. Were I you, I would do the same.”

“Apologize to what, to you? To your unfortunate circumstance? To the fact that you got caught pilfering, and had the benefit of being committed to Service in the capital? I spit on the floor and curse your name.”

“Very well then, understand that due to our history I asked to personally take care of this. Ser Edwin Knotly, By the hand of Ser Ocero, by the will of his Majesty King Malik, and by the sanctity of the lands of Stradyn, I subject you to the Rite of Banishment for committing treason against the lands. For the crimes of assisting the known traitor Edgar Knotly to escape his execution, for all of the deaths caused by the fires he set in watchpost Eastwick, and for his murder of my Liege Lord Knight Iria, your spirit has been sentenced to oblivion via the path of the void gate. May your memory be stricken from the books of honor, and may your living family be free of your influence. May your oblivion come swiftly and without suffering. May those who remember you, recall the good you did. Now please step through the gate”

Culture Info

Crestholme is the land of councils in the center of Stradyn. The Royal Courts, the Royal Guild halls, the Hall of Fallen Heroes, and the King’s council chambers all reside within Adafax Keep in the middle of Scarleton.

While within the borders of Scarleton, the capital of Stradyn, you are able to find your standard fare of seat of the kingdom activity, and structures that reach to the skies. It is the most developed of any settlement within the lands of Stradyn. The land outside of the town’s borders on the other hand is one of stark contrast and beauty, full of sweeping hills and deciduous rain forests. While within the surrounding counties you will find open crags and mountainous regions all around.

Within Crestholme more than any other duchy It is held in an almost surreal belief by the common folk who live on the outskirts of civilization that due to the lack of magical healing the average person doesn’t leave as large a mark on the land as someone whom is kept alive long past when fate pulls upon their strings. Due to this it is common for the people of Crestholme to truly live in the moment. They are far more likely to do something engaging and entertaining than dull and arduous if given the opportunity. It is not to say they are a lazy or unaccomplished lot, but more that when the mandatory work for the day is done, they are off to find adventure and engagement through living life to it’s fullest. This is quite the opposite of those who reside within the capital or any of the major centers of the duchy’s industry. For those who work within the established lands, safety is of utmost concern due to the focus on how every member of the community is important in the advancement of the lands, and this is often repeated through the nobility to every member of their societies.

Annual court is a major event in Crestholme as all of those of Baron or Lord Knight rank and above are requested for a feast to be hosted by the King. Unlike most feasts, these are not for the benefit of the nobility, but for the nobility to come together and prepare everything for the common folk whom are able to make it to the feast. From butchering the animals, to collecting the crops from the market, the nobility takes great pride in conducting every facet of the feast for the benefit of those they ultimately serve, the people of Stradyn. This practice is seen sometimes also on the baronial level, but conducted by Lords, Knights, Squires, and their attending staff. It is not uncommon for a Paragon to attend these events and roll up their sleeves to help out.

Important People

King Malik - King Malik is a Dwarven Archmage of the Celestial arts who spent a good portion of their life as a court Lord, and instructor at the Hall of Fallen Heroes before being granted Baronial lands within Gallinholme just before being chosen by the land as King. While it is not uncommon in the history of Stradyn for a King to arise from within the nobility, many of the people of Gallinholme lamented that they were only allowed such a short time being served by King Malik as their Baron as he made quite the positive impression. Always known to have a kind smile, thoughtful words, and a care for the land and people that is unmatched, King Malik has the open support of everyone in the lands.

Lord Knight Prime Devero - The people’s champion, Ser Devero, is a Biata warrior of great renown. Ser Devero has been a knight in service to the lands for the better part of two centuries, and has spent nearly thirty years on the front engaging with Hargroth. When the previous Lord Knight Prime was called to another purpose, Ser Devero was chosen to take the mantle, and began directing a change in tactics that would exchange unimportant land for losing fewer people in the engagements. While Ser Devero’s tactics are widely appreciated from within the peerage, military, and noble courts, the popular opinion of the commoners seems to be waning with each movement of the lines of engagement reported.

Master Ellena - Master Ellena is a timeless Human, an extremely rare condition in which the person ages at a fraction of the speed of others of similar race. Due to the nature of being devoid of magical utility Master Ellena quickly became a prominent Alchemist and Trapsmith, and served under the previous King Iden as one of his personal advisors. Now the Royal Guildmaster of the Engineering Guild, Master Ellena has truly found an area where her expertise can be broadly shared with others.

Master Biggins Orcslayer - Master Biggins Orcslayer is a tribal Archmage of the Earthen arts, as well as the Royal Guildmaster of the Earth Guild. Her family, though having been from Ultus, did not seem to be affected as many others are with the loss of Earthen memory when they migrated into Gallinholme at the turn of the fifth century. Having spent a good amount of her time teaching within the Hall of Fallen Heroes with King Malik, she was an obvious choice for the Royal appointment upon the passing of Ser Merik due to illness in his old age. Since she has become the Royal Guild Mistress she has greatly changed the guilds fee structures, focusing on getting healing to the front lines as cheaply as possible, while not causing detriment to the rest of the lands in the process.

Ser Evan Willsly - Ser Willsly is an ancient, venerable, and cantankerous elf who can often be heard telling embarrassing stories of other court nobles from when they were youths. Royal Guildmaster of the Celestial Guild for the last 300 years, he focusses primarily on keeping the land “extra, sub, and partial planarly free”. While not known to be an Archmage, Ser Willsly is an accomplished formalist, and semi competent battle mage. Though with his fading sight, and penchant for falling asleep during rituals, he is no longer well trusted with either. Even amidst all of his faults, he is well loved by the people, and often puts on grand firework displays at his own personal cost for the children of the land when he travels. It is known that he is nearing the age of passing, but even though he asked to retire he has chosen to stay on through his twilight at the behest of King Malik, for his organizational talents and seemingly perfect memory are unmatched within the kingdom.

Views of other Cultures

Western Stradyn - “ I applaud any who willingly put their lives at risk so that we may enjoy the fruits of the land. You must understand that it is very good to be a landowner, and have many horses, and a veritable stable full of silver, but also we deeply understand that none of that is possible without the sacrifices made by our soldiers out there keeping our lands safe. I personally try to visit the front when I am able to bring cheer and wealth to share with those heroes who would share in my many fancy wines, ales, or meads, as that is how I show my appreciation. Pip pip.” Lord Willshire

Northern Stradyn - “Those farmers sure can put on a good fight! It’s mostly show stuff, not like real fighting, but I tell you, I do I wish I could use a sword like that! Must be all that work they do in their fields that makes them have such strength and control. Sure could use a couple of them farmers when I go exploring the local taverns!” - Sheriff Veraj of Asterdale

Southern Stradyn - “Must be nice to live so close to Ultus. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the land I live in, it’s just, you know, when one of my kids get’s into something funny it costs an arm an a leg to get ‘em sorted out again. It’s not like they don’t have their own problems what with all that space down there, and I definitely don’t want these little troublemakers anywhere near that voidgate, but truth be told, I would sure give my fair share to be out there in the wild, free as a bird without a care in the world.” Goodman Mordeves Journeyman Blacksmith of Crescent Rock

Ultus - “Could you imagine the things we could do to fight the enemy if they would just mobilize their earth guild?! I cannot believe that we even do business with them on account that they are basically leaving us hanging out here. But who am I to push back. I mean sure, they sell at a fair price, but I mean come on! What are they waiting for, us to fall?” Squire Tibbault

Garalta - “We had a Garaltan delegate come through here one time. Seems like they got a bit of a law problem up there, everything seemed so harsh. I mean, spit the wrong way and it’s a capital punishment. I don’t know how they all get along up there, but it sounds like a way worse fate than having to fight, but retaining your liberties. To each in their capacity I guess.” Baron Nigel Longshadow, Royal Court Justice

Miloa - “Those Miloans seem just so out of place. It’s as if they have resigned themselves to accepting the role of guardian over a puppy they don’t want, but goodness me, don’t accidentally threaten that puppy, hands all start flaring up with energy and whatnot. Nice enough folk I am sure, but wouldn’t want to be drunk around one” Goodman Eldrin Cloudsbane, Local Farmer

Hargroth - “The problem with Hargroth is that we are sure there are still people there. We know there are secret communities that are just waiting for the day we are able to push in and rescue them from their life of fear and subjugation. There are vampires who don’t want to be Vampires. Werewolves who would give anything to live a normal life. All of the things that could be helped if only there was a way for us to take the fight to them, unfortunately we have never been able to get more than a couple ships on their coastline at a time. While that may work great for stealthy solutions, you can’t win a war from across the sea. Not to mention they have a Dragon. While I don’t know if the former King, Iden, was a Dragon or not I do know that as long as he was on the throne we never saw an army on our shores.” Count Lizzabella of Ridgedale


Seattle Staff
Hey, what's this, some new setting info? Ultus!

Ultus is divided into three provinces.

The Northern Province of Esterwick shares a border with Stradyn and facilitates trade between the two countries.

The southern province of Wildewinter is the long southern coastline of Ultus. The Ultan merchant and fishing fleets traffic much along this coast, and the region is home to many rich veins of ore which the country mines.

The western province of Oakmont is the largest province in Ultus, home to the capital city of Redcastle, and chief producer of goods. Ore mined in the southern province is shipped to Oakmont, where a large population of skilled craftspeople create some of the finest arms, armor, tools, industrial materials available in the world.

Northern Ultus - Esterwick

Culture Info
-Esterwick shares a border with Stradyn, and much of their commerce surrounds trade with the neighboring nation. Communities close to the border cross back and forth frequently and it is not uncommon for citizens from one nation to work in the other, or for extended families to span the border.

The citizenry of Esterwick is largely composed of humans, biata, some hoblings, stone elves, and a smattering of other races. Dormill is known to be a friendly place, with very low crime rates and a welcoming population.

Important People

-Elizabeth Hache, provincial governor.

Governor Hache is a human woman who was appointed provincial governor by the king 15 years ago. She maintains good relations with the neighboring populace and local nobles of Stradyn and is a shrewd business woman.

-Humphrey Elyot, Sheriff of Brightrock.

Sheriff Elyot has served in the border town of Brightrock for half a century. He is considered very good natured and possesses a very evolved sense of humor for a stone elf, though to normal standards his wit is drier than an improperly baked biscuit.

Elyot works closely with Stradysh authorities to provide a sense of security to border crossings and administer justice within his jurisdiction.

Views of other Cultures

Stradyn: Our neighbors to the north. Those Stradysh folk are a nice bunch, never have a mean word to say about ‘em. And those Miloans? Aye, they can be a spot of trouble, always gettin’ into somethin’ they aughtn’t, but they’re good folk. Shame they got those troubles with their earth magic, so we do ‘em a kindness whenever we can. That war business has me a bit worried, I know the governor is sending some more supplies up that way, saw the shipment head through Brightrock just last week. We’re gonna need to stand with those folks in the time to come. If those deaders get a hold on Stradyn who do you think they’re comin’ for next? Hard times ahead, bubba.

-Ranald, Human Arborist


My momma always said if you can’t say nothin’ nice don’t say nothin’ at all.

-Harmony Limeweather, Biata child (age 10)


Not much to say, I reckon. Buncha monsters. That place is crawlin with deaders, werewolves and necromancers. Maybe they done used up their land and that’s why they’re comin’ across the sea, so they can do it over here too.

-Murok Birch, hobling merchant


Why you would want to live down south in the cold I’ll never know, but those folks know their stuff. Aye, they cook a mean steak and their knives are the best money can buy, but is it worth it in all that snow? Also fur gives me a rash, never could wear the stuff.

-Aksel Toft, Biata carpenter


Nice enough folk, they can be a little jumped up though, eh? Just cause the capital is there and they do all that trade with Garalta they think they’re so fancy, well I tell you what (spits), I think… Eh, they’re alright I guess.

-Freddie Burns, Human constable

Southern Ultus - Wildewinter

Culture Info

The southern coast of Ultus is a harsh place. Perpetually cold, with short, mild summers and brutal winters. The main population hub of Roseport is a hub for fishing and merchant vessels, and sports a large whaling fleet. The population of Wildewinter is largely stone elf, barbarian, and human, with some groups of dwarves and at least one tribe of Olanlari. The climate is unforgiving during the winter and many do not choose to make their permanent homes here, and those that do can be as hard as the land they live on. Roseport boasts a population year round, largely because of its high walls that protect from winter storms and roving dangers during the dark winter months. Wildewinter is also home to the largest mining operation in Ultus, where they procure the raw materials used to forge their world-famous arms and armor.

Important People

-Agnes Harte, Mayor of Roseport

Mayor Harte is unofficially the “permanent” mayor of Roseport, having founded the town herself three hundred years ago. Roseport has grown into the largest permanent settlement in Wildewinter and contributes significantly to Ultus economy. Mayor Harte is as strong of arm as she is of will, and also widely regarded to be the best blacksmith in Ultus. Blacksmithing students from all over Ultus are sent to Roseport to study under her and her apprentices.

-J’haan Eilwraek, master whaler

J’haan (Called “John” by most) captains the largest whaling vessel in the known world. His large crew is mostly composed of fellow Stone Elves, with some humans and dwarves occasionally signing on for a tour of duty. J’haan is very serious, even for a Stone Elf, and knows what it takes to survive in this harsh climate. He does not accept first-season sailors on his crew, as he knows that Wildewinter claims the lives of many who are unfamiliar with her dangers and is not willing to accept the risk.

Views of other Cultures

We get a significant portion of our food stuffs from them, their trade routes are well maintained, though I have not had much occasion to travel them personally. They are adequate neighbors and do not bother us here to the south often. I doubt they would venture this far from their fruit farms without good reason. Why do you ask?

-Oslarelar Jostina, Stone Elf Sailer


The Garlatans have a unique view of law and order. Some say it’s too harsh, but you cannot argue with their results. Have you ever been? Beautiful country, excellent quality of goods, every trader in the market with a fair price, foods not bad… Just don’t spit on the sidewalk. Got twenty lashes for that...

-Kobus Hammerhands, Dwarven Smith Apprentice


I don’t think about ‘em much, we’re so far away! I don’t think they would ever come here, and if they did? Hoo boy, they wouldn’t like it. Oh, I guess they don’t mind the cold… Maybe I should worry about them more…

-Eurus Tanner, Biata Miner


Eh, pretty plain folk. They do most of the trekkin’ back and forth, keepin’ the roads up, help the trade flowin’. Nice folk, to be sure, but what else to say about ‘em? Never met a mean ‘Wicker, aye, but ever met an interesting one?

-Goldenia Grimfeather, Biata Smith Apprentice


Seat o’ power, innit? All the puffed up birds and the dour stoneys, politic-ing and flouncing about. Do they do any work over there? Doesn’t seem like it most the time. I know there’s trouble a-brewin’, but I feel like we don’t see a lot of movement out of them. Rather play it safe and flounce around.

But, eh, don’t tell em I said that.

-Arnar Kragbuster, Dwarf Miner

Western Ultus - Oakmont

Culture Info:

Oakmont is the center of political activity in Ultus, and the home to the largest port in the country. The capital city of Tandra’s Landing is both the seat of government and the hub of sea trade. Many nobles keep homes in Oakmont, including representatives from the other provinces, Stradysh dignitaries, and Garaltan emissaries.

The port is a busy place, with the main trade route from Garalta, and the main sea trade route from Stradyn converging in this port city. Garalta is a monarchy, but heavily influenced by a council of nobles and citizen representatives.

Important People:

-Phonion Hisos, King of Ultus.

King Hisos, Biata King of Ultus, is a fair ruler. Hisos has ruled Ultus for 92 years and maintains control of his kingdom with a steady hand. The monarchy is kind and rules with the consent of the people, taking many civilian counsellors. The King is well-liked and considered fair, contributing to the over-all level of contentment in Ultus.

-Hubyr Miratoris, Chief Advisor to the king

The other side of the royal coin, Advisor Miratoris is the chief advisor to King Hisos. An ancient Stone Elf, Miratoris’ age is indeterminate, but recorded history places her at the coronation of the original King of Ultus. Miratoris makes numerous public appearances at court and public hearings, sometimes taking interest in minor legal cases and proceedings. This enigmatic figure speaks little, and when she does it is very matter-of-fact. Preferring not to mince words, it is common to get a response in public from the advisor, but uncommon for it to be longer than six syllables.

-Captain Fetch

Captain Fetch leads the specialized police force of Tandra’s Landing. This force is a combination of royal guard, customs enforcement, and civilian police force. Because of the close contact with the public that the King maintains and the high volume of visitors, (both foreign and domestic), Captain Fetch is perhaps one of the busiest and most stressed Captains in the Ultan military. It is perhaps, then, no surprise that he has gone grey at such a young age...

Views of other Cultures


The Stradysh people are our noble allies, standing with us against the threat of Hargroth. We respect them and their sacrifice in the defense of modern civilization, keeping the undead at bay and far from our doors. By the throne, I’m glad they’re between us and them...

-Alre Eilro, Biata counsellor


Their goods are of the finest quality, and they’re not too hard to deal with if you know what to say. Sure, some of their ideas are rigid, but everyone has their quirks, right? We can deal, they want to deal, so why not? I can keep my eyes low and not chew licorice root when they’re in the room, it’s all about making the sale.

-Myrtle Bilberry, Hobling merchant


Tragic... Beware the wolves.

-Hubyr Miratoris, Advisor to the king


Simple country folk, doing their best I suppose. They walk back and forth, it’s walking, right? Yes they walk back and forth on the roads carrying… what do they carry? Apples? Something like that. I’ve never really looked into it. I mean, come on, they’re simple aren’t they? I don’t have time for this, the play is starting.

-Crius Redfeather, Biata Noble


The harshest country we have to offer. Wildewinter is a death trap, and I have the utmost respect for the people that live there. The summer might not be so bad, but even that is short and mild at best. You want to meet the hardest folk in our land? The best smiths? The savviest sailors? Wildewinter is where you’ll find them. Bring a coat.

-Addler Dawnnail, Biata Merchant