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    When I took over the chapter, my goal statement was to create a support structure to provide the highest quality experience for everyone involved; from on boarding new players/volunteers, processing downtimes, supporting plot teams, etc... you get the idea. I also stated how much I care about this community and wanted to create a new feeling of transparency as everyone is vested in our chapter being a success. So in those regards I feel that I have failed everyone this event in some way in keeping inline with those goals and so I would like to clarify a few things.

    1. Triple-booking... Please do not go to yelp and write a scathing review of the camp/council. The triple booking issue was not their fault. The council has made some staff changes this year and things have been better then they have in a long time.
    Earlier this year when the calendar was posted with the date of 9/8, the council actually responded that the 8th was already double booked but we could have the prior weekend 9/1. So the deposits were paid for 9/1 and the calendar was never updated to reflect the date change. Since the transition, I have been going over paperwork and addressing things behind the scenes, so in reviewing the paperwork for the camp I saw an early date for September and never realized the weekend was wrong. Responsibility goes uphill and it is my responsibility to make sure things like this doesn't happen. Because of the calendar screw-up we triple booked ourselves and almost didn't have an event at all. For this I apologize to community, and promise not to let this happen again.

    2. Meal plan, mess... This has proven to be an item that I can not seem to currently add value too. I know it has been a let down and honestly it is the only thing that makes me physically ill with the stress. So, moving forward I am stepping aside from handling meal plan and open the call to any who are seriously interested; this will allow me focus on other things I can serve better. I will still support it and assist with its logistics but that's all. Perhaps doing a "celebrity chef meal/weekend" kind of variation thing? I open the floor to new ideas...

    3. Full credit for meal plan. Any one who bought into the meal plan for the 9/8 event will receive full meal credit for the next event you want. Please fill out the pre-reg form like normal but on your PayPal notes please include "meal plan credit" as I still need this info for paperwork tracking.

    Thank you all for your forgiveness and understanding as we continue to improve and strive for excellence!

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