Open House


Threads of Time is hosting an ‘Open House’ on May 24th from 10am to 6pm at our studio in Peabody, Ma with a preview night Friday till 8pm. Those interested in coming should email us for directions and a 5% off in stock clothing Purchase Certificate. We will have a rack of slightly damaged and sale garments (Purchase Certificate not valid on sale items or orders), also odds and ends like leather masks, t-shirts, cloak clasps, leather boots, wooden boxes, etc. We will also have a Free table of miscellaneous items and a $1 and $2 table of stuff. Please contact me via email at

Robb G

i was worried this was random spammer stuff but when i saw thier website i was thrilled. i need to seriously sit down and page through it all.


Lewissa is Devon's and my sister in law. She is a seriously talented individual! A lot of the garb that Devon and I run around in is her work. She really makes stuff with larpers in mind so her clothes are very wearable and look kick ***!



Oh boy, definitely spurring the economy on with some of this stuff!! :)