Opener Favorites


Chicago Staff
Thanks NPCs and PCs one and all for a great time. Really enjoyed playing a big stompy elephant in!

A few favorites I can actually remember in the fog of post LARP.

--The Art...and having it commemorated by Rins drawing. Plus it becoming mythic art later.
-Watching Crescent and Gronk rush for food.
-Being scared of rats and all that came of it.
-Splashing Durl with mud
-Team Murder rushing the werewolf
-Searching for Asher with Gronk and our having the realization we are screwed if we find the Jester
-Reflection on the past years of game and various recollections with folks.
-Awesome food
-Amnsa Soon
-Hopes and dreams and memories
-Meeting lots of new folks to me. Sorry I missed a lot of last year cause of life.

See you all next time.


I guess I shall chime in too.

-- Hammer time got some really good shots this game!
-- All things Baeleon, love that guy.
--Thieving Kobolds.
--Telling people to loot random things I'd killed.
--Chicken Legs!
--The second helping of chicken legs (and the biscuits ;-p)
-- Getting to see the entire game from the eyes of a local player for the first time in over 10 years! ^.^
--Fresh start and seeing how the world changed under new management!
well i agree that the npcs were quite good and the surprise raid on our sleeping areas was both surprising and a little annoying, also the slight change in the adventure will take some time to figure out but should be interesting. it was good to see some of the other adventurers again and catch up with them as to the current events in the region.