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Lanna Rose

Holy cow!

Thank you Will!

THANK YOU NPCS! Without all of you there would not be a story to tell. I appreciate all that you did over this weekend!

No particular order to this.

The 3 little girls. You were not close to making Red snap. But you did test some of her limits. Thank you for the wonderful role play.

The Watcher Stone! Meg that prop was awesome! Also the whole chain of events around that was wonderful!

Blythdale! I was so happy to have so many of you all there! It was great to have Dave, Brian and Drew back to play! Thank you guys for coming! I was greatful to have my team next to me again!

Being made the new "leader". Damn you guys for making me cry! But thank you all for the amazing words. That was a super hearfelt moment for Red.

Being named Regent of Blythdale! I never saw it coming! Red is both excited and terrified of what is to come.

Three people who are close to her possibly being missing, in danger or dead...

Perry making me cry again!

I can't think of much else.

Thank you for a great weekend!
Favorite moments from HoP side:

I was a bit hesitant to write my parts of this weekend the way I did, because it was directly involving my old characters history. I didnt want it come off self serving and egotistical but at the same time, pieces fell into place, and it was familiar ground to start my foray into controlling the story and went with it anyway. Sometimes you have to take the risk and hope it works. From the kind words I have gotten from many of you it seems it did. On to my favorites

Shenanigans I walked directly into as HoP. They were expected and boy are they some good ones.

The reaction to the "Welcome Back Perry" write up and the subsequent rituals performed. I saw these particular shenanigans coming and this was my "Hold my beer" moment this weekend.

Walking into seeing Shya/Nix and her subsequent new team.

Blythedale: I'm so very proud of the new iteration of my old Barony. You guys are awesome. I was a bit worried going into "This is Jeopardy" but Garathon was the rockstar for this. Khorwyn turning around and berating him for beating the knowledge test was hysterical "What are you doing, you're our strongest fighter and you won the intelligence test???" With subsequent flares from Red. Also the patience displayed during "I before Except After Chivalty." Every single person who passed a test before that was standing open mouthed behind you, thinking "glad this one isnt mine"

Speaking of: my three little Sailor Scouts. These girls rocked it all weekend. Watching them all help Papa behind the scenes and rocking it in front and on the field. These kids are gonna be a force to be reckoned with...maybe Jonothan needs squires after all?

Goddamn Grimm. Not going any farther than that.

Unexpectedly not knowing that I hit the feels button on Tonya with what I am now calling the "That Which Must Transpire" plotline for the weekend.

The test of leadership, which I was also worried about, but I have an adage, you don't neccesarily write for the character you write for the players. I glad I could rely Brian to catch what I was after and knock it for a home run. How dare you make Readella cry, you monsters!!!

Seeing the old colors back!

The meeting of the nobles in town down by the Watchstone. I think Angel was just happy with the band back together. I dont think she expected there would be more. Good luck Regent of Blythedale.

The "NPC Unlockable mod" called "Cil Cilurian Has Fallen!" I ran an idea by Ken for his one and he let me play in his little bit of plot. Worked like a charm.

Ok so my little favorites are over, if you had any issues please let our wonderful customer service rep Kate Fierens know and she will bring them to our attention. She has already brought several issues to our attention and we will be adjusting. Thank you for playing!


1) Thank you so much NPCs! Love you guys.

2) SWINGERS- you know who you are and how much of a good time we had with possibly finable offenses. Y’all really made my game this weekend. Onwards, perhaps, to a team of sorts, or even a portable barony?

3) So proud of my boi Ben as it was his first time PCing. Not sure if he’ll see this but it’s out there.

4) While occasionally completely out of the loop (mostly of my own doing) seeing the old and new teams reunite and do their thing was fascinating to watch. I’m glad I got to be a part of reclaiming the legend that is Blythedale.


6) Thanks to everyone that talked with me about the issues they were having in game instead of simmering on them. I’m always around and don’t hesitate to grab me out of game! This game can only be it’s best if we’re all communicating.

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This event was a great time, and I cannot wait for the next event.
You SWINGERS made this event for me. It was an awesome time, and I can't wait to you all again and see all the shenanigans we're going to get into.
I am still convinced there is a delicious watermelon hidden somewhere for us to find. Maybe the map will lead us to it?
Balls, you have magic hands.
Thinking we are all about to rez during the fight with the slavers, then realizing we have a healer and thinking there is hope, only to see our healer is busy knife fighting with slavers. And coming full circle to the thinking we are all about to rez.
The quest for a CoP for our table, so we could be cool in the tavern too.
All of Saturday night with Fajita Jimmy the Dragon

Kyle thank you for taking care of us weary travelers this weekend.
Dave and Brian it was good to see you all again, I can honestly say I do not know if I would still be playing if you hadn't taken us in that first game years ago. It was nice to finally be able to fight along side you two and actually contribute.
It was fun hanging in the kitchen after meals, it was a nice break from the game while cleaning up. The food was excellent, and good times were had.
And of course a big shoutout to the NPC's. You guys worked your butts off this weekend, and we are truly thankful for it.


This was a good weekend to get a better grip on the rules, writing up close to 30 new monsters...

Stat'ing a 'fair' game that was APL 25 was challenging and we learned some along the way.

LOTS of kudo's to the monsters that kept you all entertained! The NPC crew was mostly on the newer side, but they did a great job!

Seeing my kids at their first Adult game, after 5-6 years of playing at the kids events was awesome, they did very well. A very proud papa!

Getting to see some long lost friends. It was great to see you all after being away for a year, and seeing some who had been gone for a lot longer!