Orc Costuming



So im planning a High Orc Character and would like to do a mask instead of facial make-up. (like this picture) Do any limitation exist when it comes to costuming?
Just from reading the rulebook, I can't see any reason why a mask couldn't be allowed, so long you still have protruding lower teeth and your face (and maybe neck?) is mostly or entirely green, but whatever you come up with should probably be shown to a marshal or two before you bring it into game, and prepare for having to do makeup if it doesn't quite make the cut.

It might be a bit more awkward to eat with a mask on, too, and you're probably going to be way hotter and sweat more in a mask, so you might want to take that into consideration if it's a non-allergy reason you'd like to avoid makeup.


its mainly just personal preference. I'm planning for the mask to be a two-part piece, so i can still eat while wearing it.
Hmm, then I would say there's no harm in trying, and falling back on makeup if it doesn't quite go the way you want. :)

We have a Polar-Bear-Kin who has most of his face done as a mask and just his chin and upper lip done in makeup; something like that might be a decent compromise if a full-face mask isn't allowed (or if the construction of the mask means it's harder to eat while wearing than you'd like).


There's absolutely nothing wrong with costuming your high orc with a mask instead of make-up. There are all sorts of reasons make up might not work for you and it's really no ones business but yours. As long as you're repping your race properly, you're fine.


Oregon Staff
In Seattle/Oregon chapters we have had people use half masks and makeup, full masks and makeup, and makeup only. As long as you're a shade of green, and have tusks, you should be okay. As always though check with your local marshals.