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    The Oregon Chapter is offering a SEASON PASS this year! Huzzah!

    What is a season pass?
    -A season pass grants you blankets (XP) for all of the games the Oregon chapter hosts this year, provided you don't attend a game that weekend already. If you do attend a game that weekend, whether in Oregon or somewhere else, you get 60 gobbies instead of XP.

    What isn't the season pass?
    -A season pass does not grant you admission to Oregon games. If you wish to attend, you must still pay the admission fee ($60 for pre-reg, $70 for non-pre-reg). This is mostly designed for people who are out of state or who don't regularly attend Oregon games.

    How much does a season pass cost?
    -Act now and a Season Pass will be yours for $40! That's only $10 per game for the four games we currently have scheduled, and you get a FREE fifth game if we schedule that. You will also get credit for any game days we host in the chapter as well!

    What is your 2018 schedule?
    You can find our 2018 schedule here: https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/event-schedule-2018.36158/

    How do I pay for the season pass?
    -Send $40 to paypal@allianceoregon.com through paypal or to $allianceoregon cashtag or by clicking on this link: https://cash.me/$allianceoregon by Square Cash. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:
    -->Your Real Name
    -->Your Character's Name
    -->Your Home Chapter
    -->Your Email Address

    What if I have questions about the season pass?
    -Contact Alliance Oregon's Logistics: logistics@allianceoregon.com or reply here and we will be happy to answer all your questions! (You'll get a faster response through email, FYI.)

    How long will I be able to purchase a Season Pass?
    You can purchase a Season Pass until May 1st, 2018! Yay! Lots of time to decide!
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  3. Tantarus

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    Do we need to contact logistics for each event to get credit or will they automatically send the blankets to our home chapter?
  4. Durnic

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    They will be crediting you automatically.
  5. Tantarus

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    Cool any chance of posting a list of people so we know payment was recieved and credited?
  6. Durnic

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    I'll leave the answer to that to @prashka. I don't know how the Logistical end of things works.
  7. Avaran

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    Even just a payment received would suffice. Can always check update/ping logistics later for credit stuff.
  8. prashka

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    Current participants:
    Seth B
    Adam S
    Graham H
    Harris D
    Sori H
    Martin O
    Robert S
    Nicholas S
    Andy S
    Jason S
    Neil E
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    We will be keeping sign-ups open until MAY FIRST! Just as an FYI. :)

  10. Avaran

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    Thanks for the list/update, Barb. :) Much appreciated.

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