Oriental Themed Characters


Now I've been developing a character, specifically a biata whom came from the far east and wields a japanese weapon. Now I'm sure when it comes to style his sword is fine, it would be considered a two hander cause it's a Nagamaki. However for role play purposes, is this generally something that is allowed? He wouldn't carry any special abilities or anything of that sort but simply hold more of a Bushido style philosophy whilst retaining his biata heritage. It's more for the purpose of his character rather than making something overpowered. However I can make change as necessary.


Chicago Staff
I would say this falls in your "RP is your RP" category.

We encourage taking inspiration from any source you want, as long as it is done tastefully. Codes of honor and warrior poet concepts fall across many genres and easily fit into the game we play.

I would encourage someone to speak directly with their local chapter staff for guidance however, as details are everything.
Bumping this, because I would like to know the answer.
just add to Rob statement, those who wish to play a Far Eastern character should probably take a closer look at the dark elves, also this is more of a personal grumble more than anything else. Everyone wants to play a samurai but Asia doesn't end on the shores of Kyushu, expand your horizons! Corrupt eunichs, clever scholars, philosopher generals, and warrior physicians await theres a 2000 year old empire worth of tropes, archtypes, and characters to explore and thats before we get into other parts of Asia!


For better or for worse, you're going to see a bias towards warriors because the vast majority of our mechanics (and often plot) are combat-oriented. It's entirely possible to be a noncombatant, but it will be a lot more work for you as a player to engage with plot and feel relevant.