Outside House Therion

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Myrdin looked up at the house. Taking a few steps forward, then as if convincing himself it wasn't a good idea, he turned around and paced back. He did this a few more times, before emitting a long, quiet sigh. It had been months since his sister had invited him to join the House and he'd told her he'd think about it, then left the Lux without a thought of it. He looked down at the blade and the crest on it. Taking a deep breath, he stepped up and knocked on the door.
Myrdin around a bit. He guessed they must be busy doing noble business. He hadn't seen them when he'd returned, so perhaps they too were out of the Lux. Shrugging, he headed off for the Homeguard Barracks. He hadn't really checked in since he got back and figured now was as good a time as any.
As Myrdin begins walking away, a loud *thunk* can be heard from the door to House Therion. After a brief moment, Judas opens the door, rubbing his head.

“I could’ve sworn I’d left that open... oh! Meren! Good to see you around! Was it you that was knocking just know, or are there more shenanigans that are afoot? I know that Jan seems like quite trickster, though I figured door knocking wasn’t his style...”
Not noticing Myrdin walk past, Genevra walks along the path with pile of books in her arms. She shifts them to keep from spilling them over and in doing so looks up to see Judas. "Oh hi, Judas! I believe we should probably talk about those creatures you love so much: the undead!"
Judas’ face darkens at the mention of the undead. He turns to the side, and spits on the ground, before looking back up at Genevra.

“Those pieces of scum. Yes, hopefully we shall see a day where they are all wiped from the face of our world Gemma. Though what prompts the conversation now? Is there a den to eradicate?”
"We are preparing to eradicate DAM, Judas. To do so we need to focus on his potential forces, including the undead beneath the Lux. I know the Earth Weavers as an organization haven't been overly welcoming, but you have been a valuable ally. The Earth Weavers have something of a plan for a broader picture, but it seems we still need to keep the Lux's undead from being joined to DAM's forces. I need to do more research, and I'd appreciate your help with that, you have been hard at study already! But mostly, I'd hate to leave you out of your quest to defeat undead once it comes time to make a plan. Will you help? Either way, probably keep this conversation on the down low... I definitely didn't ask permission." Genevra stage-whispers the last from behind her pile of books.
Judas' face maintains a furrowed brow and a stern look, though a flicker of excitement dances in his eyes. Eradicating the Duke... that would definitely put a ray of sunlight on the day. In all the research he had partaken in, Judas found that the Duke seemed to be the most well known and powerful necromancer that was known... And a blow to him would be a sizable loss for necromancy everywhere.

"Gemma, this is a rather ambitious plan, indeed. It would bring me great pleasure to eradicate the abomination, but why is it that people are moving on him now? What have we found out that means this to be the opportune time? Surely there are many ways he could get assistance, causing danger to those who may be engaging him. I will gladly lend my glaive to the cause, though I do think there is consideration to be taken."

Judas thinks about what has been going on in the past months, if anything had been assigned. He had done enough practice on his own that he was now able to weave basic earth magics, even though the Earth Weavers had not officially welcomed him, and he had been administered to some wait list of sorts. Nevertheless, if there was worthwhile information that made this an opportune action...

"I'd happily help with research. I have a rather sizable font of knowledge due to my association with House Therion, as well as the Earth Weavers... well, soon, I hope."
"Excellent! And I agree it's sudden." Genevra pauses with a slight frown before continuing, "I uh... gladly? Sure, let's say gladly, went to the royal court recently, to see some of the Lux get their promotions - which was actually great! But the queen, while we were there, pronounced the absolutely wild crusades the Lux now finds themselves apart of, DAM being only one portion of the job ahead of everyone. There's also ancient swords and a dragon. Oh, and a time travelling town. It's a huge undertaking to go against DAM, for sure, but the Fatespinner has a powerful artifact we'll be able to use to minimize his forces. I need to assist Elinor with some other research as well, but I think we need to get a start on the problem of the Lux's undead. The risk of an ambush feels too great. I'm not sure what people around here already know, obviously we're more recent arrivals. Thank you, Judas, for lending your aid."
Myrdin walked down the road and as he passed House Therion, he saw Judas and Genevra outside. "Janus, good to see you! I was just here, I must heff missed you. Hope your winter went well. Are Lord Saryn and Lady Solveig around?" He walked up to Gen and gave her a hello pat on the shoulder. "I must heff missed you, too. Am I this unobservant that I miss two of my friends?"
Walking down the path leading away from his house, Jinn passes by, waving at the three outside House Therion's residence in the lux.

"Morning y'all, don't mind me, just passing through."

Jinn continues on his way towards the tavern.
Solveig grumbles at the sound of voices outside. She nudges Sarryn as she gets out of bed and puts on a robe. Making her way outside she grabs her coffee on the way through the kitchen and steps through the open door.
“Dammit Judas, I told you to close the door! Oh, hello....” she says in surprise as she notices the small crowd at her home.
Grumbling and then stretching after being nudged to get up. Sarryn swings his legs out of bed and grabs his clothes and strapping on his swords he grabs coffee on his way out following Solveig. Hearing the growing noise outside the house he begins thinking to himself "Oh god whats going on now.... did someone take someones sweet roll... I swear..."
"Oh hello, sister, Lord Sarryn." Myrdin gives a deferential nod. "I was hoping to talk to you, Lord Sarryn. I was hoping you might know things about old nobles houses that don't exist anymore."
Solveig raises an eyebrow in curiosity at the question.
“Welcome to house Therion brother, come inside, there is food and drink.”
She gestures inside and heads to the door touching Sarryn’s arm softly as she passes him.
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