Outside LCO MI Policy


New Hampshire Staff
Any LCO magic items from other Alliance LARP chapters are also valid, in a limited capacity, at Alliance LARP NH events. These items must contain only rituals that exist in the National List in order to qualify for use at Alliance LARP NH events. No Plot Artifacts or Plot Effects from other chapters will be allowed to transfer into an Alliance LARP NH event.

Like all magic items non-NH LCO items must be checked in at initial logistics for a given event. A player may only bring whichever is lower between up to half of the campaigns current ritual cap or 40 total rituals of such non-NH LCO magic items to register at initial logistics. These rituals will count towards any ritual cap for that Alliance LARP NH campaign.

None of these non-NH LCO rituals are considered to be on the Exempted list and they will all count towards an Alliance LARP NH campaign’s ritual cap.

If a character is already at or above the ritual cap for an Alliance LARP NH campaign with NH LCO and/or Restricted magic items that are all Spirit Linked or Spirit Locked on their person, they will not be able to benefit from this policy.