Packets wanted


Hi there,

I’m looking for someone to buy spell packets from, delivered by mail before Nationals or at Nationals.

Please let me know if you have suggestions.


With September fast approaching, now is the perfect time to announce that all your packet needs are already prepared!

With the upcoming national event there is currently a teaming up of epic proportions with Dani/Isabo and Jared/Glenn! Between the two of them reaching nearly 5,000 packets already prepared and plenty of time between now and A Story for the Ages, the options are plentiful! 20 dollars will provide you 100 packets of your choice (orange, blue, or spell/fabric on hand), with both cash on delivery and Paypal being accepted. It is requested that any order over 200 packets provides a two week notice as to ensure all orders are met.

Thank you very much, and looking forward to everything Nationals has to offer!