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Page (Young Player) Policy

Alliance Minnesota welcomes minors aged 14 and up at our game. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate in any fashion, even as Pages. Before deciding to bring an underage participant to an Alliance game, please keep in mind that while we aim for a PG-13 environment, we run a game primarily populated by adults in intense situations, violently combating monsters in the dark. There are no overt sexual themes to the game that we run, but strong language and violent encounters are common. Not only will different people have different levels of tolerance for the dramatic situations they find themselves in, but not all younger people will have the level of maturity necessary to participate in a complex game among adults. Should you feel that a young player is mature and capable enough to participate at our events, we welcome them to give our game a try. However, due to safety concerns, there are a few restrictions regarding their ability to participate.
  1. Any player under the age of 18 is under a mandatory Page status. A parent or legal guardian must be on-site as a PC or NPC and is responsible for the player’s actions, and must remove the player from the site if asked. The parent or guardian must keep track of the player and be able to know where the player is at all times.

  2. For everybody under 18 years old, we need a parent or legal guardian’s signature on a consent form, which should include emergency contact info and medical/allergy information in case of an emergency.

  3. Any Page who is disruptive, does not obey these rules, or in any other way is deemed to be harmful to the game will be asked to leave.
Gaining Page Status
  1. Any player may participate as a Page by his or her own choice. Players with medical issues that may affect their safety in combat may be required to take Page status to play the game.

  2. Pages must wear an orange colored headband to denote their Page status.

  3. A marshal may recommend that the chapter staff place a player under Page status due to any condition that the marshal deems necessary to provide for the safety of Alliance Minnesota’s participants, such as health conditions or a player having multiple safety violations marked against them.
Page Conduct

Any Page (whether they are a Page by choice, age, medical, or disciplinary reason) that is disruptive, acts in an immature fashion, does not obey the rules, or in any other way is deemed to be harmful to the game may be asked to leave.

Pages may not enter combat in any way, including pouring healing potions in unconscious bodies in the middle of battle (though others may drag these bodies to the Pages for healing outside the combat zone). They must stay safely outside any combat zone. This means being sufficiently far that the combat will not sweep into their position before they can safely remove themselves, and is always a minimum of ten feet but may require further distance based on the situation.

There are effects that might prevent a Page from leaving a combat area when they would otherwise need to do so. These include but are not limited to unconsciousness, Prison, etc. If such a situation occurs, and the Page is concerned about being struck, the Page should call a Hold and move out of the way, keeping the effect once the Lay On occurs. Other players are expected to resolve the situation in a safe and appropriate manner – for example, a horde of players should not continue following an unconscious page which would cause multiple Holds to be called.

Pages may not carry weapon props.

Pages may carry in-game items and can be searched as per the search rules.

Pages may not purchase or utilize weapon skills or offensive magic. They may purchase spells and alchemy, but are only allowed to touch cast spells, and may not throw gas globes.

Pages earn XP for each event just like any other player. If they were a Page due to their age, then upon reaching the age of 18, or successfully testing out, they may create a new character with the same amount of BP and deaths or rearrange their current character with the BP they have earned.

Pages who are caught in combat are attacked differently. A Page may be affected by a normal combatant if the combatant’s weapon is within five feet, or for the purpose of packet delivery if they are within ten feet and have an uncontested line of sight to the Page, by having the combatant announce “Page, >effect<.” Legal effects are any that can be applied within the Alliance rules (e.g. “Page, Five Normal”, “Page, Spell Strike Doom”, or “Page, I evoke a 25 Flame Bolt”). In response to any of the above, a Page may call any legal defenses they have at their disposal.

Testing Out

Any young player who wishes to no longer be a page may take a test to prove they are ready. Before being allowed to take this test they must have participated in at least one full Alliance LARP event, displayed roleplaying competency, and displayed an understanding of the rules as determined by at least two staff members or marshals present at that Alliance event.

The test will focus on knowing common game mechanics and knowing how to fight safely. Upon passing the test, the player will be allowed to participate in the game under the standard rules.
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