Page Policy


Alliance Raleigh recognizes that LARPing is a very physical activity and there will be times where a player cannot safely participate in our combat systems due to injury, age, or other concerns. To address this and allow players to continue to interact with the people and the stories of Alliance Raleigh the following lays out our Page policy.

A Page is designated as having an orange headband that must be worn at all times. A Page may not hold, carry or otherwise interact with any weapon, including staves and wands. Further a Page cannot throw packets.

Pages are not allowed to be intentionally struck by weapons or spell packets, any such contact will not count and will count as a ‘missed’ spell or ability for the purposes of meditation. A Page may go on modules and story lines, and touch cast spells or scrolls, as well as apply first aid or crafting items such as potions or coatings (although another player must hold the blade the coating is being applied to).

Should Plot determine it necessary a Page may be given a temporary reforge to allow the Page to continue to participate in play, these reforges will have a source based on the plot happenings at the time, but will be temporary. Should a player become a permanent Page, a one time free reforge of all current chapter cards will be granted, with the requirement that such cards cannot have any weapon skills and adhere to the Paging rules.

A Page cannot participate in combat, should a NPC or PC wish to assault a page, they must merely be within 10 feet and state ‘Page I slay you’ this will reduce the page to 0 body immediately, this means the page will awaken naturally in 1 minute as per the stabilization rules. A Page may not have any defensive spells applied nor may defensive skills be used to negate a ‘Page I slay you’ regardless of source or effect.

Should an NPC wish to kill a page, a second ‘Page I kill you 1, Page I kill you 2, Page I kill you 3’ must be incanted from within 10 feet. An NPC may only do this, if there are no PCs within 10 feet that would be able to attack the npc or interrupt a killing blow. If the count is not interrupted by a PC engaging the NPC, the Page will then go to bleeding out, as per the standard rules.

A Page may be healed by expending a spell or potion within 10 feet of the page and stating ‘Page X healing’ or ‘Page I grant you the gift of life’ as appropriate. You may also healing arts a Page from within 10 feet stating ‘Page are you unconscious’ or ‘Page are you bleeding out’ or ‘Page are you dead?’

Our goal is to make our game at Alliance Raleigh as safe and accessible for as many people as possible. We are open to feedback and discussions regarding this, and all, of our policies. Please feel free to discuss the policy here on the forums or in our Discord server or Facebook group.