Paging Policy (Non-Combatant Player Rules)


New Hampshire Staff
Alliance LARP NH has adopted the following Paging System.

The Paging system allows you to participate in an event as a non-combatant. You play your character as a “Page” while utilizing this system. This means that you are not a valid target for boffer attacks and/or thrown packets. Though you cannot be physically struck during in-game combat, your character is still present during combat and can still be affected by the attacks of other characters as described below.

Pages must attempt to avoid combat whenever it is possible. In addition, other characters may not use you as a “human shield” to avoid attacks. When Paging you may not deal damage or other effects with boffer weapons and/or thrown packets. You may use defensive skills, but you may not use offensive skills and/or abilities except if said skills and/or abilities are touch cast.

You may choose to use the Paging rules at any time during an event, but once you choose to play a Page, you must remain “Paging” until the next logistics period. During the next logistics period, you may again choose whether you wish to continue playing as a Page or elect to cease using the Paging system. While playing as a Page, you must wear an Orange headband whenever you are in-game.

As stated above, Pages are still present during combat. They can be attacked by other characters, but there are several rules that apply to attacking a Page. First, the attacker must be within melee range of the Page. Second, the attacker must call the word “Page” at the beginning of their activation call, spell verbal, or damage call.


“Page, I call upon the earth to cure wounds.”

“Page, 5 normal.”

The attacker does not swing their boffer, nor throw a packet when attacking a Page. It is assumed that every weapon and packet attack called in this manner hits the Page. The Page may call any appropriate defensives that they posses in response to such attacks. If you are playing as a Page and you are physically struck in combat, please remind the attacker that you are Paging and cannot physically receive attacks. A Page can be given a Killing Blow and all other rules concerning healing and resurrections apply as well as all in game ramifications.