Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

I have a question to put to you all. If the Five Crowns were to hosts a party to celebrate the plowing of the fields as well as the anniversary of the heroes coming to Strayden, would you all be interested? Fancy dress, potluck, maybe games and prizes?

Master Brayden


I’m happy to attend and I can see if I can bring something, but...fancy dress is just a weird way to spend money on clothes you don’t want to fight in.

All my clothes are battle ready, as my ancestors intended.



It is entirely possibly to construct garments both "fancy" and "battle ready."

I will participate given sufficient notice to prepare.

Lady VVT


I would be pleased to participate in this effort, Master Brayden. I may be willing to sponsor some of the games as well - let me consider and I will reach out to you privately as we get closer to the date.

- Lord Polare Lissenstine


Traveling through the mists is sometimes difficult with baggage but I'm fairly certain I can fit at least one doublet in my bags. I would love to attend any celebration you might throw.

By my hand,
Sir Kendrick Eisenhal of Rivervale


I am fairly sure that I have nothing that constitute as "Fancy" persay, though I would certainly be willing to try and come up with something.

Galicia Thornrose, AKA Gally


Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

I apologize that there has been no word on this, I have been distracted.

Shelby had gone missing for some time, the collective searched the entire town, but she seemed to have just vanished. Come to find out, the mists had picked her up and taken her to mountain fort in a different land. Thankfully she was founs by some good people and taken care of. She has returned safe and sound.

So, on to a party. I am looking for someone to help me plan, never really done something like this before. If you are interested, please contact me.

Looking at the evening of May 11th.

Pot luck style food.

Fancy dress, in whatever style that may be for you.

More to come as things progress!.

Master Brayden


Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

My apologies that there has been no news to these proceedings.

Sadly, my attention has been drawn a way to others things for a while now and have not had time to really get this up and running.

My sincerest apologies to everyone, but I can not throw a party at this time. If anyone else would like to try their hand at it down the road, please by my guest.

Master Brayden