Past news letters and old posts


I was wondering if old news letters on the HQ database and old posts, from at least 2 years and farther, are still available for using as an IG source?
With my character coming back from a lengthy absence (10 years) I started to look up information on what I had missed and what info I could get on the new players I had just met. Are old posts fair game or is there some sort of "cut off" point?


Since many people travel various chapters and post in said chapters forums, this question actually goes out to all chapters.
I didn't specify that in my original post, and I apologize about that. Long day at work
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Y not? Here's a link to hq's ig newsletters

I believe there more recent newsletters are on these boards.
As for ig posts, if they are here, they are ig and free to use as knowledge (again,y not right?)


That's what I was thinking as well, but I wanted to make sure especially for the older IG posts from years back. It's not like they ever go away right?