PC Crafting Materials Survey

Willem Rivet

I'm JT, and I play a merchant-minded Artisan up in Chicago. The local Merchant Guild was talking about the wider economy of Crafting Materials and how we value them vs. other chapters and I was wondering if I could poll each chapter and see directly from them how the implementation is going there. So here I am!

In Chicago, we value single Crafting Materials as a silver coin. There has been some grumbling about it from non-Artisan folk, and it definitely gets purchased for coin by the Merchants Guild when Town Auction happens so the split is primarily coin (unless the person would rather CM than coin.)

So my questions are:
How are Crafting Materials valued in your chapter? Does everyone agree on this assessment, or is there debate?
Does everyone engage with it, or is it ignored by some groups?
Thank you for taking time to reply. At the very least discuss this amongst yourselves if consensus hasn't been reached.

My DMs are open if you want to reply privately, but I think the public discussion is helpful.

Thanks again!