Phys Rep Vendors


The purpose of this thread is to organized recommended phys reps for various mundane items such as Lights, Thieves Tools and the like. If you have an item you would like to see, or have a suggestion please post it as a comment so that this list can be updated. Phys Reps on this list have been looked over my Experienced players who have done their best to make sure that the item does not break any rules or safety concerns, but as all the final word is the chapter, plot and marshals that over see it.

Also, even if you do not purchase theses items or vendors (Which have no affiliation with Alliance) They can be used as examples of items that meet the general criteria for Phys Reps.

Liquid Light Elixers

Light Spell Physreps

Mundane Light Sources

Lock Picking Tools

Locks and Traps
Potion Vials
  • 800-362-6099 (
    They will ask what institution you are with, Just tell them private use

    2330 12x75mm tubes Polypropylene Natural Bulk 1,000
    2114 12mm Two position caps Polyethylene 1,000
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Lockpicks...Harbor Freight. They call them dental tools to avoid any weird laws.
Light/ or home depot. Walmart sells the glowsticks all year now for $.99. Home depot and some walmarts have the led glowsticks for about $5. Check auto section for them if they're not in the outdoor goods area.

Abtus Inira

So my question goes along with finding a reliable Phys rep vendor for a Plate mail chest piece. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to get a quality but not over 300$ 54 inch around the chest plate mail chest piece? Any help would be appreciated as I'd love to have it ready for the September game.

Thanks a bunch in advance


The plate mail that JJ, Mike Messmer, and I have been wearing comes from the manufacturer Medieval Collectables and many other outlets uses.

Chest & Back you can get for under 300, and it is good quality. I think both JJ and my pieces will fit 54", if you can make fighter practice Sunday, remind me on facebook and I'll bring mine by. We've found other outlets, but its price dependent - and look dependent too. Issue also is if they have it in stock - if its in stock, its like 2 weeks tops before you get it. If they don't, it can take months. Hit me up in PMs if you wanna talk Plate mail to death and exchange links.