Pipe Foam?

I remember that there was a thread for this on the old boards but I can't find any such thread on these boards. What sites have people had luck buying pipe foam from? I need to order some for my building apatite. :D


Doitbest is also where I order it from.


Gettysburg Staff
You can also usually (depending on location and time frame) find a do-it-best affiliated hardware store that will order it for you (they usually want you to get a case, but it varies by the store) and then save on the shipping cost.
Sunnfire said:
We also sell it at events.

We had a crapload of it, you should have gotten some.
Dam, yea I meant to, but I had to hurry away from the event afterwards saddly. And I got home at like 2am as it was... :? In any case thanks for the site, I hope it works!