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  1. Mechtofd

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    I bought a wonderful little satchel over a year ago but as yet am still struggling to find plastic potion bottles to replace the little glass ones it came with. does anyone know a good place to get them?
  2. Ken

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    Do you have pictures of what your potion bottles look like?
  3. Muir

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    A lot of the folks locally use plastic test tubes for their potion reps, which you can get from Amazon for ~$15 per 100.
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    Check out a Taps Plastic as they have an assortment of bottles - although most of them are not clear but milky colored. They come with screw on tops but you can cut those off and put a piece of cork in the hole instead.

    Another option is to find out how much liquid the bottles hold and then do a google search on "Plastic X ounces bottles" (without the quotes) and see what comes up. You might find something that way. You can do that under the image search and maybe get lucky with a picture of something that looks similar to what you have.
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  7. Muir

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    IIRC the minimum requirement is .25 oz, or roughly 7.4 mL. The 13x100 mm test tubes a lot of folks favor are 8 mL.
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  8. Mechtofd

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  9. markusdark

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  10. Muir

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    Doing some rough math:

    .25 us fl oz of water at nominal pressure is 0.4511719 in³ A 1 1/2" x 3/4" diameter cylindrical bottle is at most 2.65 in³.

    That said, checking your link Mechtofd, I wouldn't use those bottles. They've gotten bad reviews for shattering during shipping, and if they can't take the mail in a sealed case, they're not going to survive rough and tumble LARP play, and may present a significant safety hazard if someone comes into contact with them once broken.
  11. markusdark

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    Muir, you forgot to divide the diameter in half before doing your calculations as it is radius squared for the volume of a cylinder. And if we wanted to go crazy with technicalities, that is the space that the bottle takes up (roughly .66 cu/in) , depending upon the thickness of the glass, the volume inside would be less. Sorry, math/geometry nerd here. :)

    The link that the OP provided roughly matches the same diameter as a half ounce plastic bottle from Taps Plastic in my link above (1.5" tall, 7/8th of an inch diameter). If you cut the threads off at the cap stop and put a cork into it (that you can find at most hobby shops) it looks pretty good. Below is a pic of the half ounce with threads and an ounce bottle without and with a cork. I used to use these all the time as they do not shatter, snap or break, they just bend. So even being an eighth of an inch wider, they'll probably squeeze fit into what you need. They are a little milky/translucent than glass but can't beat them for their shape in safety.

    During a short google search, I was unable to find a half ounce clear plastic bottle of the same size. However, if the one ounce bottles will work (see my previous post for the dimensions., below is a link to a clear version from another manufacturer.

    You can also search online for a half ounce clear plastic Boston round bottle (never knew it had a style name, learn something every day) and might find something else that works. I found this one by including the PET for the plastic as they seem to be both the milky white as well as clear.

    That's about all the help I can give you.
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  12. Muir

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    Yeah, that's what I get for trying to do geometry at 4AM. :p Good catch!
  13. Mechtofd

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    the link I posted isn't what I was using just the closest I could find to looking like the ones that came with the bag. I'm not using them regardless cause they're glass and at least in my chapter glass isn't allowed for safety. trying to replace them so I can use the pouch. that said I will check out some of these links yall have posted

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