Player Hand Book is being released!


Thats right mates, after much trial and tribulation our 27 page Players Hand Book is complete and has been sent to our webmaster to be added for viewing/downloading off our website!

Keep your peepers on this topic as he'll post once its up and properly linked.

The players hand book contains Campaign specfic information on all races, our policies, as well as some known history and background on the kingdoms that will central in our campaign.


Seattle Staff


Dragonblade said:
character concepts? are we creating new characters or can we run with ones we already have??
If you want to start fresh with a new character you can. Or if you would like to continue an existing character, we are accepting transfers as well.

Bear in mind that you do NOT have to transfer your character to SoMN in order to play at SoMN games, but there is a build cap of 155, and that characters over that limit will be unable to play until the cap is raised.



Yay for the handbook!

This information was very helpful to me for creating a character. I'm definitely going to play a High Ogre Earth Scholar.

However, the editor in me found a number of misspellings, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors. Not a lot, but enough to be noticeable, especially in some places where it takes some re-reading of a sentence to understand its intended meaning. I'd be more than willing to edit it if someone could send me it as a word document and I could edit and re-send it for re-posting.


Gah, I knew we couldn't get away with it! Since I was going to be out of town this weekend we decided to release PHB without waiting for the final proofreading to be returned. I'll shoot you a copy of the base document to go over, it never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes to check things.