Playing the best game we can


Gettysburg Staff
AGB players,

We of the Alliance: Gettysburg staff have had some discussion and we openly admit that we have been slacking in some simple aspects of our game that, though they are not game breaking details, they are areas where we can improve to continue in our goal to run the best game that we can.

As of our next event it will be a hard and fast requirement that weapon tags be attached to the item that they are representing. This is a simple rule that is often overlooked due to complacency. Attaching tags keeps us all honest and helps us all keep better track of whether an item was shattered in combat or even stolen by a greedy goblin in the throes of battle.

Now, we have heard much concern regarding the potential damage to latex weapons caused by taping tags to the reps. For this we offer a simple solution: Punch a hole in the tag, run a string or ribbon or some sort of tie through the hole and tie the tag to the weapon. The tag could be made more resistant to tearing by "laminating" it with a piece of clear tape on each side.

We would also like to take this opportunity to verify that of the weapons and shields that we use are up to safety specs and the proper size. This process is made much easier on us all if you show up to game with a list of weapon lengths and a breakdown of your shield dimensions. The proper sizes can be found in the Alliance rulebook which is available for free download here:

We want to put the responsibility on each player to play the best, honest game that they can. Mistakes happen and we don't expect anybody (myself included) to be able to recite the rulebook but a little extra effort from everybody involved will help to improve the game experience of the entire community.

If anybody has any concerns, please feel free to contact me or any other AGB staff and we would be happy to assist you.

With regards to any private concerns involving this or anything else I can be contacted at

Thanks and I'll see you all at our post-break re-opener.