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As noted in the original Alliance 2.0 Rules and Playtesting post ARC doesn't have the bandwidth to stay up to date on everything happening here on this forum. To combat this I've asked Chris F. @Tevas to act as our Playtest Community Manager. His job will be to act as a go-between for players and ARC. He will be responsible for compiling data, sending a summarized version to ARC as well as working with ARC to obtain answers to questions in the event no one else is able to assist. Additionally, he will be supporting the moderation of the tone and focus of these forums, to better ensure that their environment is positive and conducive to collaborative discussion. Please continue to work together, and with him, to keep these topics as productive as possible.

I'm very happy that we have this ability to playtest and hear feedback from our player base. Without community buy-in, the new rules will never be successful. As you may or may not be aware playtesting is a new thing to us, it's not something we've done in the past and truly is a learning experience for everyone. I'm happy to see we have over 100 players signed up to access and communicate on this playtest forum. While we might not always agree with and respond to everything that is said I want to assure you that what you are saying is being heard. To those who may not be so publically vocal please reach out to your chapter owner, playtest coordinator, or even myself with feedback you may have regarding the changes. While the participation we have is great it's still only a minority of our player base, the more feedback we can get the better.

Version 0.8 will be coming out shortly and I want to make sure we all stay focused on the task at hand. ARC and the owners have spent a ton of time working on these rules, it's highly suggested you communicate with your local Playtest Coordinator and attend a playtest event so these new rules can be tested live. I know many love to discuss and suggest changes or even new rules remember it's also important to continue to provide feedback on the existing 2.0 rules as well.

Thank you,
Matt Watkins
Alliance General Manager
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