Plot Announcement for 2017


Hello all! I am the new Head of Plot for Alliance Gettysburg.

There have been quite a few individuals who have approached me about joining/assisting/writing Plot. I am thrilled! If you are still interested (regardless of if we talked months or days ago) please either contact me directly or send an email to titled “Interested in helping with shenanigans”.

If you have not sent in a winter write up: the deadline is February 28th


Note: Please do not feel pressured about the added bonus, the following is merely “if you’re interested”.

There are SOME THINGS happening all around every corner of Barran. If you would like to know a little bit more about what things are going on around your character before you send in their winter writeup (to get some ambiance), or would like something to happen to your character before your winter writeup: please feel free to send an email to that has the subject title of “Pre-Writeup” and contains the following in the email body…


Your Character’s name.

Please indicate one of the following: You the player…
…would like something to happen TO your character.
… would NOT like something to happen to your character.

Roll a dice or pick a number 1 through 4.

Roll another dice or pick a number 1 through 4.

Roll a dice or pick a number 1 through 6.

Roll a dice or pick a number 1 through 10.

The day after last season’s AGB Closer event (October 2016): if the character attended that event, did your character stay in the area that day, left that day, had already left, or was gone through the mists to other lands? If the character did NOT attend the event, where were they on that day, and what were they doing?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being lowest), how attached/linked do you feel your character is to the lands of Barran?

And finally, is there a food/dish/smell that your character absolutely loves or hates? Please describe.


The deadline for sending in a “Pre-writeup” request is February 14th

IF YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE SOMETHING HAPPEN TO YOUR CHARACTER: something will happen to your character.

Four things on pre-writeups:

1. No one is obligated to send in requesting a pre-writeup. A normal winter write up is perfectly fine.

2. Sending in an email for a Pre-writeup does not mean you are obligated to then send in a winter writeup.

3. To those who have already sent in winter writeups: You are also welcome to send in a Pre-Writeup request. Should you wish to alter your previously submitted writeup after receiving the pre-writeup response, you may do so by sending in an updated version before the normal winter writeup deadline of February 28th. Please note, if you choose to have something happen to your character in the pre-writeup request, you will need to either send in a new winter write up, or your plot response to your initial winter write up will be altered accordingly.

4. If you have any questions on the pre-writeups, winter writeups, or anything plot related: please feel free to message me on the boards or shoot the plot email a message.

I look forward to seeing you all this coming season at AGB! Gonna be a time.