plot submission due by?

so, when are our winter plot submissions due by?
Given that last year's winter plot hooks were very successful, we're going to do that again this year. However, it's going to take a little while for the plot team to put those out, because we haven't pitched the ideas around yet, which can't happen until we've discussed the general intention for 2011, and that's not going to happen before we go over this year and what worked and what needs improvement or replacement. All of that will have to wait until we've had a break from the game for at least a few weeks; burnout is our worst enemy. Well, that and people finishing incants on time.

Any way, not for a while yet, and we'll be sure to make it clear when the time comes.

If you have something individual you want to start a dialogue on, feel free to send that in as soon as you like. Just don't expect a response until into December; I will be several kinds of busy.
Additionally, I have to save up for an adequate supply of fine wine and geisha girls with which to entice Jeff and George into writing another epic masterpiece.


Asheville Staff
just liquor them up and take them to hooters.
Jeff and George have very specific tastes. George is very particular about his fine geishas. Don't get me started on Jeff and the girl wine. Like Alice in Wonderland crossed with Tootsie. Emphasis on crossed.


The fact that you managed to work in a reference to Tootsie when burning someone is about ten kinds of awesome. Well played, sir.
crossed...hmmm....odd choice of words...I'm enticed...I don't know about the rest of you but for George I think Scotch not wine...just a hunch...and I mean like OLD scotch...Like....the good stuff your uncle had in a locked drawer and died before he drank it all and its been sitting in your closet collecting dust...yeah that scotch...