Plot Teaser for August!


Crossroads Staff
Hey All, here is your Plot Teaser for our upcoming event! Don't forget to Pre-Reg!!

Across a chilled breeze, carried by Whispering Winds, a tale of war and strife is brought out into the open...The ice wall once risen to protect all that remained unaffected has now receded. The Fae are all but dead and gone...though it would seem they still have their ways of communicating. There are rumors floating about that they have gone underground, forced to hide. Dryads and Malwoken fight for their own claim to the land. The Dryads, thanks to the Adventurers, have a known advantage and thus own the Day. Not so fortunately, the Malwoken own the Night. The nip in the air grows thicker every day, and the creatures that lurk with it stumble out of the Wyldes in droves. Survival here is key...everyone has a choice. When the cold bite of the wind comes knocking at their door, what will our Adventurers do? Will they bite back?