Poker Game

To return a bit of normalcy to these troubled times I'll be holding a Hobling Hold Em game at the next gather Saturday night once things slow down. 5 gold buy in. Winner takes all.

4 seats at the table open. Myself and Lady Kar are taking the other two.

Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer


Hello Sir Amaranthus

Are wa reserving seats or as it farst come farst sarve?

First come first serve however if you wanna call a seat I'll keep you in mind. This is a casual game. If there is a lot of interest I'll figure something out.

Sir Amaranthus


I'm glad there will be a bit of merriment in Fairedale. We certainly need it of late.

I will not be able to attend, as my efforts assisting the refugees will keep me away, so Baron Grim or Tinder or somebody else in red and black will have to take your money in my stead.

- Ket
I seem to recall the last game going in a distinctly my favor direction last time. You're of course welcome to try your luck again when you're next avalible.

Sir Amaranthus


Someone in red and black taking Amaranthus' money? I might just have to make myself available.

Assume someone from the House will participate.

House Nemesis

Lanna Rose

Sir Amaranthus,

I would enjoy playing as well. I believe it would be very fun.

Dame Readella Taurusan
First Knight of Blythedale