Policy Update: Nobility Changes

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Minnesota Staff
With the removal of the prestige point system, our current nobility tracks will be modified as follows:
  • The nobility track will have two options:
    • Cupbearer -> Viscount -> Count
    • Squire -> Knight -> Baron
  • Each track will be designed to facilitate a long story arc for the character and may take multiple years to complete.
  • Nobility is not for everyone, and you may fail in your nobility track.
    • Being a noble is an in game and out of game contract that requires a high energy and time commitment.
  • Player’s who are currently nobles will retain their current status and the Plot Team will account for the work they have already done for their next rank.
  • Nobility is a leadership position. However, it is not the only way to get those roles!
    • Prominent and high-ranking subfaction members will also have a chance for leadership in our community, and are held to similar standards as outlined in our leadership agreement.
  • Please refer to the Nobility Agreement for the specific additional requirements on being a noble.

If you have any questions, please contact plot.alliancemn@gmail.com.
Not open for further replies.