Policy Update: Subfaction Prestige Point Removal

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Minnesota Staff
During the transition of chapter ownership, we have decided to remove the Prestige Point mechanics from our game. The subfactions themselves will remain, and your past contributions will be remembered. You will retain your current rank, and may continue to rank up within a subfaction, however this will be done through roleplay and player action rather than through a mechanical system. Notably, this will affect the path to nobility in our game. There will be an additional post explaining this in more detail.

NOTE: If you currently have 7 or more points in a specific subfaction, please contact the Plot Team at plot.alliancemn@gmail.com and we will work with you to find a suitable reward for your devotion to your subfaction.
  • An additional note, the “Adventurers Guild” within Erabella will also be removed with these changes.
  • All these changes will take effect immediately.
  • Subfaction forum posts related to the deprecated Prestige Point mechanics and rewards will be removed on Thursday, April 13th.
Not open for further replies.