Poll to increase registration fee by $5 (COMPLETE)

Ryan S

In the past year the cost of food has seen marked increases that are not accounted for in how we budget for games. Currently we allocate $10 per person from the registration fees to covering food. While our kitchen staff has done an amazing job with these budgets, we would like to increase that amount in order to give them more resources with which to feed our players.

We are proposing increasing the registration fee from $75 ($60 with pre-reg) to $80 ($65 with pre-reg) PC and from $25 ($15 with pre-reg) to $30 ($20 with pre-reg) to NPC to pass along an extra $5 per person to food budget. This will have no impact on our season pass holders, it will only increase the cost of paying for the individual games.

This vote will determine whether or not we institute this change and increase in costs.

The form to vote can be found here: MN Alliance Food Cost Survey
A side question that may be irrelevant as I know it's hard to preplan a tavern menu, but is there certain items that the kitchen always uses (like drink mixes) that perhaps some of us could donate for gobbies to help out here?

{edit: I'm always open to confering with anyone running the tavern for suggestions or ideas for what would be nice to donate just before the event as well!}
With an overwhelming 83.3% majority (with 18 votes), the players of this game have voted to increase the event fee by $5 for the purposes of increasing the food budget. This means that going forward the cost for attendance will be increased to $80 ($65 with pre-reg) to PC, and $30 ($20 with pre-reg) to NPC.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!
The July post still shows $60 after prereg
Woo! You can count on me!