Post Gather Check In between Lily and the Barons

Lily would have checked in with each of the attending Barons before they left Silverdale. Basically asking your opinion on the settlement, how it's progressing. Would you like to help? How would you like to help? Any advice? Any observations? etc.

Baron Armand:
"I am mainly concerned with the re-emergence of the Blight and supplying this Outpost. I will report back to the Alendil Council to request more supplies. Perhaps we can recruit more Adventurers to the Dragonfly Guild to assist with it's defense. I shall personally embark on ways to improve the Outpost by magical means and lend help from my Barony.
This I promise you, Lily."

Baron Heinricht: "It looks like the area suffers from a lack of coin and a lack of material goods. Establishing trade routes between the existing guilds and the outside word is paramount. It also feels like we have stumbled onto a threat that we may not be prepared for. We need to encourage everyone to train, equip themsleves, and always have a weapon handy. Lastly to encourage adventurers to come help at the Silvervale outpost I will make it my duty to ensure that commoners eat at least one meal for free. I'll continue to cover the cost of Breakfast for 20 individuals every gather. Until next we meet; Heinricht"

Yes, Lily agrees with both. I will reach out to the Al'Kyn'Shere for raw power help to transport goods and protect trade. I will also help foster the build the Dragonfly Guild to train adventurers. Protecting the outpost and trade routes is paramount.
[Baron Helbrass] Lily, The blight is a huge concern for everyone. As adventurers, most people are prepared for the unknown. The Outpost did an excellent job coming together to fight the blighted creatures. Even when we fought the abomination in the caves everyone came together. That was not an easy battle. Everyone’s actions were very commendable. I plan to send supply shipments to the outpost, you should start receiving more honey soon. I look forward to what you can do with it. I am hoping to set up and secure a supply line between Voss and Silverpine outpost.

I understand that the outpost is Elven lands so we have let Baron Armand take charge. However, we do need to find someone to act as the outposts Sheriff or Mayor. Someone who stands apart from us, The Barons. We cannot be at our Baronies and the outpost at the same time and the outpost needs a leader. I will be splitting my time between Voss and Silverpine as much as possible. My Seneschal can help oversee things in Voss. The battle against the blight will start and end here at the Magpie it seems. Upon examination of one of the giant bees that attacked us, we noticed it had been eating what appeared to be blighted materials. I believe the animals may be eating blighted plants or other blighted animals.

I know many of us interacted with a caterpillar at the last gathering. It may be in the best interest of the town to ensure that it is protected and given a supply of decent food, rather than let it forage and possibly eat some blighted materials.

I apologize if I seem to be rambling, it just seems like there is a lot to take in.

-Baron Locke Helbrass
-Baron of Voss
-Third District: Ramsgate