Post season conversions and "NPC" magic items

Hey all! Now that the season is over, I'll be taking a break from doing item conversions until we get closer to our season opener. What this means for you is that I will not be looking at most emails for conversion. If you have a conversion that you need done to make it to another chapters game, please include that in the subject line of the email, so I know to look for it. Generally speaking, try to give me ~2 week notice before you need it done. If people want help with conversions, as always I'm happy to help work through any questions.

NPC Magic Items!!!

This season we tried putting out a handful of magic items, that we didn't have resources to have cool reps for. Swords, shields, sources, etc. These went out with tags that said "NPC Longsword" for example. If you acquired one of these items It cannot be used until I get an updated description. Please email me with the item number, and the description of the rep it will be targeting, so I can get the tag updated. The rep cannot be an item that is already magical. No adding this new item to your existing magic sword. I currently haven't seen any of those items come back to me.

For any conversion help, questions, or other things that may need my attention, please reach out to me at ***
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