Post your favorite moments here!


Better late than never:

- Channeling my depressed self on Friday night. Demvarien has been having a rough time with some things lately and they have weighed heavily on his mind. I was glad to notice other people picking up on it, that means I sold it.
- Going for a walk with Jax and all of the fun things that came out of that.
- The Loremasters' Guild mod on Saturday! I haven't had to run an obstacle course in game yet and that was an exciting change of pace for me as a player, even if I was only sent along to be the fun police.
- The Trial of Darius was some excellent roleplay. It really made Demvarien stop and examine the kind of knight he wants to be, and cemented his respect for Baron Sir Darius.
- Sparring with Aikoll, Cynder, and Thorgrim was a lot of fun, and they and the spectators helped me find some things to work on in my technique.
- It took me like two hours to get all five representatives of the House of Tiatar in one place, but Demvarien bringing his family up to speed with what he's been working on was a great scene, and probably the most emotional I've been at game. I was shaking by the end of it.
- Sucking it up and walking through a ward to go fight Serpentmen in Garthok later Saturday afternoon. Bonus points for doing this with a group of a bunch of Scions! As a player I find that group of characters fascinating, even if my character has a low opinion of them.
- The Garthok encounter was also interesting because my shield physrep broke in the middle of the battle and I had to fight the rest of it einhander. I was rather surprised at how well I held my own without a shield. Shoutout to Siren for a great duel at one point during the battle.
- Having a squire conversation with the Rivervale squires, most notably Kendrick, about what Demvarien should do with his BGA. It was a great test of his devotion to the Chivalric path, even if Kendrick was lacking some important context.
- Commanding the left flank in the Huntsman battle Saturday night was a great time. All of my people were super competent and largely required very little direction, but it was a good exercise in staying calm and keeping aware of a larger situation, as well as trusting in my competent allies to do what they needed to do without micromanaging them. Also, Will is terrifying enough, why did you let him swing 15 Chaos?
- The triumph of finally destroying the Huntsman once and for all!
- The drake fight Sunday morning was a lot of fun. It was a good mix of unconventional monster types that really contrasted well with the "let's stand in a formation and hold our ground" fight from Saturday night.
- My brother and I got to absolutely wreck our dad at one point in that fight, which is always worthy of a highlight reel.
- "Knox can handle it."
- Storytime. Just... storytime.
- Not one particular moment, but Demvarien was really touched by the outpouring of support from those members of the Rivervale court who are fully aware of his current situation, even if it is likely due to his brother's involvement. It was a nice reminder that all of the baronies are on the same side.


Yeah, better late than never! I'm terrible at writing these, but I feel like this game super deserves a thing!

Oh my goodness, this event was such an emotional roller coaster for both my character and myself. Let's see...

- Starting game with hefty super-ritualing for Warchester's sword felt very cool, including guest-ritualist Cynder. Hopefully the experience was more instructive than awful.
- Walking out from the ritual into the middle of the Ancient Mariner was a super cool experience. I love field battles that give certain players an unconventional chance to shine.
- The new Healers Guild charter is quite exciting, I'm looking forward to a new chapter in the guild's life.
- The TRIAL. This, unsurprisingly, dominated the majority of my event (along with the month leading up to it), and was a big emotional blob hanging over my head (the worst part is the waiting!). However, it warmed my heart to see and hear each piece of support, whether it was Lagarde awkwardly asking if I wanted a drink of water, Elwin giving out free baked goods, or even Izual offering a shoulder to cry on and the Scions standing guard at the door to my resurrection (EVERY TIME I talked about the trial it made me choke up, oy); each component was so meaningful, and I felt like I was simply at a loss for words. "Thank you" and "I appreciate that" felt so insufficient, but was all I could come up with. It really helped show that my character had made an impact in New Acarthia, including from some unexpected sources. Thank you....well, everyone. I was utterly surprised at the final sentencing and am looking forward to the challenge of revamping Acarthia's laws.
- Surprising philosophical discussions with Nirrabex. I can't wait to continue that conversation!
- Noble court and a surprise twist! Way to go, Paul Mosher Sr. as Sir Thad Blaine; you knocked us back on our butts, and I'm looking forward to the delightful RP to come.
- Spending time with Sir Michael Bloodworth (Ian Moriarty) and Lord Alexander Moorefield (Darrin Myers) was great for extra insight and potential for the noble scene, especially with the upcoming succession discussion.
- And of course, no event would be the same without my awesome Rivervale team. Going through this experience together has made us stronger, and I'm excited to take the next step of our journey together. Special thanks to Katie for the thoughtful gift that reminds me daily why we kick ***.

I apologize for leaving people out; any missed experiences were no less impactful, but so much of the game was a blur that there's no way I can include everything...