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Let it be known to all that the 19th day of January 320 shall be a day of celebration- as is the tradition of the Grimlock Dynasty. Let us celebrate the milestones of the year before and look towards the coming year with joy and determination as WE TOGETHER can overcome anything. Look to your local nobility for the details of their various Feasts!

His Majesty invites all adventurers to enjoy the Feast at his side in the Palace in Arbor.

As is becoming tradition all those who believe themselves Patissiers or those who simply enjoy baking and crafting other desserts - The Ma Torgensen Baking Contest will once again take place. Can you craft desserts so yummy that those who feast die? Ma did, and perhaps so can you! Ofcourse lets keep it to the realm of hyperbole for this contest! Several prizes will be handed out to those with the best entries- the prizes will remain a surprise for now but will range from coin and production to ritual scrolls and magical items.

As is also tradition an auction will take place with rare sundries and such from around the Kingdom. The only change to this particular auction is proxy's may take place. Anyone who has adventured in Wayside in the last year may purchase an item. If you are not in attendance reach out to Solar of Peace Yolan Vassil to let him know your maximum bid and speak other details- you will need to send coin with another adventurer who is in attendance or pay a 10% surcharge. The Auctions will be as follows:
The Copper Only Auction to supply copper to run pipes for running water in the three Largest Refugee Camps for the Ternians. Opening Bids 50 Copper​
  • An Extremely Unique Magical Item that Once Ever will Provide Complete Immunity to an Effect Group for one major fight (4 Hours Duration)
  • A Tail of a Comet the catalyst of the Summon Foundation Elemental Ritual.
The Silver Only Auction to supply the Orphans of the Kingdom a boon upon Maturation and being sent into the world. Opening Bids 50 Silver​
  • 10 Crates of Rare Spices: Safron, Tumeric, Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cassia, and Ginger
  • A Vial of King's Honey known for its harmless yet completely Euphoric Nature.
  • 50 Prize Winning Heifers - the finest cattle drawn from numerous merchants and nobles.
The Gold Only Auction to aid in supplying the Ternian Refugees and relief shipments being sent into the Empire. Opening Bids 50 Gold​
  • Deed to A Salt Cave and adjoined Hot Spring in the Northlunds
  • A Map to a "Great Treasure"
The Platinum Only Auction to finance the 1st Reclamation Legion, a newly formed Regiment of Heavy Infantry drawn from Refugees whose only purpose will be the final defeat of Hook and Reclaiming the Ternian Empire. The Opening Bid 2 Platinum​
  • A 2 per day Life which lasts for 100 days of strenuous use and has the flaw that the owner will dream each night of the people they have lifed. The final 5 seconds of life in which it is taken from them and then the knitting of bones and flesh back together as the item saves them. Steadily growing into a montage of morbidity and yet hope
Let us all take the day to breath, to clear our minds, and to enjoy life!

Official Ducal Council Writ of Celebration
Originally Penned by Royal Scribe Harly Jackayn

++Magically Penned in Softly Glowing Letters just beneath the words of Harly Jackayn++
To Whom it concerns a series of challenges, puzzles, or other tribulations will be left about the lands of Wayside on the Day of Celebration. Anyone who completes these tasks will gain access to the Elder Council. 5 Tasks each granting access to the Elder who drafted the Task. Enjoy your Celebration Day.
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