Posted on the Message Board in the Tavern


Recently, a High Orc in armor and furs was seen traveling through Ceriopolis, notably around the tavern area with his tent seen in the brush not too far away. He seems to have posted a notice onto the message board within the tavern. It reads:

Clan Silvermaw will be holding the Silvermaw Clan Tournament in this area during the day of October 11, 10614 C.R. Sign-up will begin at around noon and proceed to combat at 1pm.

All able bodied warriors are invited to attend and test their strength and cunning! The winners will hold the Silvermaw titles of King, Duke, Count, Baron, and Lord, as is custom until the next Silvermaw Clan Tournament. In addition, Chieftain King Pok Mor MacKropak wishes to bestow gifts to each who win titles as a sign of good will to those who now live in Ceriopolis.

This is a tournament of honor and skill! Honor must be upheld and as a matter of honor no combatant within the tournament may initiate battle that day until the conclusion of the tournament at around 3pm. Combat on the day of the tournament is reserved for the tournament! Any combatants that initiate combat this day before the conclusion of the tournament will be seen as honorless goblins unworthy of trust and immediately expelled from the tournament! 100 trophies from great battles will be required to regain your lost honor!

Combatants may use any magic items and any skills they possess, including magic. If a combatant uses a golem be prepared to lose it.

Combat will take place in rounds. Each round will be a grand melee of one fifth of the combatant pool, randomly selected by Chieftain King Pok pulling names. Chieftain King Pok will be overseeing the tournament and not fighting. Combat is to dying or death, but not attempt resurrection. Shaman Lora MacKropak will be standing by to heal and/or Life fallen combatants and will welcome volunteers who assist.

The winner of each round will go on to the Title Round, which will be a grand melee of all the winners. Titles will be awarded based on prowess during the Title Round, which takes into account combatant longevity and foes defeated.

In the evening, beginning at 6pm, the celebratory feast of the honorable tournament shall commence hosted by the High Orcs of the Bleeding Eye! During the feast the titles and gifts shall be bestowed. All are invited to celebrate!

If you approach the nearby High Orc, either in the tavern or outside, without your weapons drawn, he faces you and holds his arms out to his sides, well away from his weapons. In a calm voice that seems weird coming from a High Orc, "I am Warrior Gor-korn MacParru of Clan Silvermaw. Unless you have questions about the tournament I have hunting to do."
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(OOG: The Meal Plan will be acting as normal for the "feast" with the intent to still only feed those that have signed up for the Meal Plan. To make it more feast-like players may organize a potluck style Saturday meal in addition to the Meal Plan if they wish.)