Posted on the Tavern Wall


( :::This is posted on the tavern wall. It is written on a rather large, crisp maple leaf in black cursive lettering.::: )

In celebration of the leaves turning and a most bountiful harvest, we cordially invite one and all (citizens', adventurers', and fae) to feast with us in celebration of Autumn.
We shall be gathering at the stroke of seven on the evening of November 19 at the Midnight Raven.
The hosts' ask that you bring a dish of your favorite autumn food or drink to share in celebration with one another.

In addition, during the celebration we request that you please leave any negative attitudes at the door and ask that you please be mindful of your behavior towards one another whether they be mortal or fae.
This is a celebration intended for all. Please come to have fun and enjoy yourselves.

If you have any further questions or wish to assist in any preparty setup or clean up, please contact either Pearl or Kiarra.

*If you bring a dish to share please bring it to the kitchen door of the Midnight Raven no later than six in the evening on the night of the feast.

If weather permits a bonfire will be started after the feast next to the Midnight Raven.
Please feel free to bring any musical instruments, stories to share, or any other methods of merrimaking,
*If weather isn't suitable, the party will stay indoors at the Midnight Raven.