Potential Item Retrieval Cheese


Seattle Staff
Based on the new LP batch system, what’s to stop a player from doing the following:

1) Player A puts a Spirit Link on Weapon X as a standalone batch with its own tag/LPs. Weapon X has Rituals Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, which are super great.

2) Player A opts not to check in Spirit Link tag; Spirit Link is now inactive.

3) Weapon X is lost or stolen.

4) At following event, Player B checks in Spirit Link tag. Spirit Link is now active, and the weapon is retrieved.

This is hecka cheesy, but I don’t see it as illegal and possibly a natural consequence of this new batch tagging system. A possible solution is requiring that any Spirit Links/Lock/Item Recall rituals are checked in whenever the item itself is checked in.


Alliance Logistics
I would recommend that all batches on a rep must always be checked in together. Only exception would be that batches a chapter doesn't accept don't get used.


Alliance Chairperson
Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
For what it's worth, this is no different from 1.3. The batch policy has not changed, but it was made clearer in 2.0. Even in 1.3, however, each batch should technically have had its own tag.

Generally speaking, Linked/Locked/Recalled items should be checked in with the person to avoid this mess.