Potential Long Event

In an effort to get a longer event this year, we have devised a plan. Here is how it would go:

1.) We cancel our September 9th-11th Event at Camp Kiwanis
2.) We have a NEW 3-day event scheduled over Labor Day (September 2nd - 5th) located at the MUCC Cedar Lake Outdoor Center in Chelsea, MI

There are a few issues with scheduling an event at Cedar Lake and over Labor Day:

1.) Cedar Lake is more expensive than Camp Kiwanis (but OMG is this campsite AMAZING)
2.) Many people have plans for Labor Day already

What I need from all of you is to respond to this post with a simple "I would be in" comment, if you would be in. You could also send an email to alliancesouthmi@yahoo.com saying that "you would be in" as well. One or the other would be fine, no need to do both. If you cant make the event but would plan on Pay-no-Play, please either respond or send an email stating that as well. I will then make a list of all the people who would attend.

At the end of our May event, I will take a look at the list and all the emails and determine if I think we could make it happen. If we can, I will get the ball rolling. If we cant, I will devise my next evil plan!




The Convery's are in. I have heard so much about this camp, I really hope we get to take it for a test drive.

Do we have an idea of how many paying PC's we need to attend to make it work?

If we keep the costs as they currently are, essentially 25 bucks a day (75 bucks total for the event), we would hit our "break even" point at 20 paying players.

This break even cost is ONLY for the campsite.



Assume my original statement was uncouth, crass, but also said yes. I fear for putting it up. Big Brother is always watching nowwa days... :unsure:


I am in... and if I do not come I will Pay - no Play to offset costs

Russell the Love Muscle


Rezzik and I would be down for this event as well. Would even pay extra to make it happen so let us know. Sorry for slow response :(.