Potion vials

Then how do you get the tags out? <makes a silly face> Duh!
I had a large bone I got from a costume shop shortly after Holloween
I used it for a vampire larp
google serch if you need one now if not wait untill Oct and buy one from one of the many shop that pen then close after all hollows eve

if you buy a hollow plastic one like I got (dont haev anymore sorry) you can buy spray foam insolation
its the kind you poke a small hole in a wall spray it in and it hardens to insolate walls with stuff in them like pipes electriacal ect...
it hardens but is not too hard and should be fine to use in combat but not 100% on this



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Wilde_Night said:
Then how do you get the tags out? <makes a silly face> Duh!

How about in? :|
I have to say being a bit of a perfectionist myself I have to side with Henry on the phys rep argument... =/ Although I know safety trumps in the end...



I haven't looked through all of this yet but I was searching for a site for some decorative bottles for my characters Tavern and Apothecary setup-- they carry glass, plastic and vials under their "container" section

sorry if someone else linked this lol... so many posts since getting back from the Event figured I'd just throw this up. From what it looks like you can order small batches (20 or so) for only a few dollars...
Way too small, even. Those are 1.5 ml. For those new to the metric system, that's about .05 oz. Alliance minimum is .25 oz, or about 7.5 ml. The smallest I've found that meets the reqirement has been 8 ml, though there's nothing stopping you from going larger.


Doh! I keep forgetting that Alliance minimum is 1/4 oz. (vs. 1/2 oz.). Consequently, I just bought a bunch of 19ml/5" tubes on eBay. They cost me appx. $0.30/each (including shipping), having bought them in lots of 100. I could've gotten the smaller size (or a larger lot) for cheaper per unit. *le sigh*


The good news is that Cure Mortal Wounds tags fit easily...although they are a little ridiculous for Cure Light Wounds elixirs! Next time I hope to remember that I can order the 8ml size!


Is there some noninternet way to get something, anything that I could use(I dont care how it looks). I neglected to get any, and the next ohio event is tomarrow lol. If not i'll just barrow I suppose :)


I think this was mentioned somewhere... but I personally love love love using the bubble-blowy things sold for weddings. You can find them in packs of 30-40 at JoAnn Fabrics, Michael's, and probably other craft-store places. If you don't like the plastic look to the tops, I suggest buying a newspaper and a can of textured spraypaint... le voila.

The reason I love them so much: the wand gives you something to wrap a tag around so you don't spend extra time after every battle cursing and struggling to get the tags out of your potion bottles. They will also fit a cure mort tag as long as you wrap it snugly.

Christina is 100% right... It can take 2 mins to get a potion out of a tight rep so the wand really speeds up the process. :)

Yea I have to fully agree and back people up on this one. And I just checked with a cure mort tag, it’s true!


Yeah I found some of those bubble things at wall mart. They are pretty expensive though. I found some candy at the dollar store that comes in a potion vial, so Im going to use those untill I break down and get something more sturdy.