Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

Folks, remember: If you don't tell me what you're paying for, I always assume it is for the next Ashbury event. If it's for a different event (like the May Ashbury event or the 9 Towers event) PLEASE put that in the comments section or send a follow-up email.
Hey Mike.

You've got me down for now for the event. I guess the confusion occurred because I paid for the membership without a pre reg. I'm npcing friday, But I'm going to play Saturday and sunday. I still need to pay. I just don't want any confusion when I pay.

Jon-Paul Gullo

Yep, sometimes when I get membership payment and nothing else, I put people in the NPC category just so they can at least see that their payment was made. It's not difficult to move you later. :)


I'll be there to NPC.


I have sent a small stipend to food committee, but for my information, is Ashbury and Nine Towers running from the same cash pot for food?

Joe S.


Gettysburg Staff
Paid and renewed! Daaaaame Nopaaaaants!!!
4 to 1 ish. Come on PCs, you'll need better odds than that if you want to survive.

Gregor G

Also Mike, Nordenn would like to reserve the last cabin. Alex Koziak, Kris Kitts, Sheila Haswell, and Jon-Paul Gullo.


I paid and posted back at the end of February but don't see my name on the list. Did you not receive my payment?


It's looking like I'll be moving the same weekend as the event. I'll try to make it a day, but I'm kinda doubting I'll be able to.


Tom Wilson paid to play Noot (he submitted paypal, doesn't have forum access at work)
pre reged two weeks ago as well as paid for a private room at that time.
Mike, I just paid for Event, Private room Earth, and sent $10 for food committee. My internet has been spotty, could you confirm this.
I received payment from Ned Maroney for a private room, but not for the event itself. You have to be a PC and have paid for an event to get a private room. I emailed him back yesterday but haven't heard back from him. I'm holding the room right now just in case I missed a payment somewhere or otherwise made a mistake and am waiting to hear from him. If anyone knows him, please let him know! Thanks.