Pre-reg for Dec 9th-11th (updated 12/8)

Beverly Byers

Traverse City Staff
Weekend December 9th-11th "Exodus of Rage"
Location: Camp Greilick
Teaser: The ragelands harbor secrets and one if uncovered threatens to change the landscape of Arden. Valdanis is the only thing standing in defense of the realms. A call to arms is required as a new outpost is built to respond to this threat. What secrets lie in the mountains, and what is the source of the rage. Only those who venture forth shall find out.

This event will take place In-Game near Horn's End, Northpoint, and near/in the mountains north of Valdanis. Out of Game we are holding this event at Camp Grielick.

Logistics will begin at 6pm and ends at 9pm with game on shortly there after (we will start sooner if everyone gets there and gets checked in)

Pre-reg is a must as it helps us plan our food for the event and treasure policy for the adventurers. And please, if you are from out of chapter have your home chapter logistics forward a current copy of your charater card. Pre-reg deadline is midnight Tuesday the 6th of December, but listen to this: we have increased our Goblin Stamp Bonus for Pre-reg'n to 50 goblin stamps but you have to pre-reg before the deadline to get it.

Pre-Reg'd PC's:
Chris Thetford - TadRon (need pre-reg)
Dave Glaeser - Jehyu
Tim Sartor - Larinthian
Tatianna Hopper - Alexia
Jon Ball - Mirgar
Brian Bedell - Aramill (need character info)
Shannon Ball - Gorvoth
Victor Dueweke - Nomm
Mason Allard - Yohon
Brigit Convery - Sloane
Phillip Roberts - Flip
Dave Russell - Bob
Doug Fleming - Alabaster
John Leino - Durk
Alison Thornton - Tenacity
Mark Mellor - Shar
Tom Andary - Casan
Jacob Lorenz - Rayun (need pre-reg)
Joe Convery - Idris
Stevie Hachigian - ? (need pre-reg)
Travis Gilshire - Zane (need pre-reg)

The NPC's
Beverly Byers
Rob Ordiway
Derek Kenny
Anique Puckett
Mike Long
Mason Allard
Re: Pre-reg for Dec 9th-11th (updated 12/4)

You forgot me!

Re: Pre-reg for Dec 9th-11th (updated 12/4)

i sent my pre-reg in at 8 am tody.....or 7.....ish