Pre-Reg for our March 2012 Event - The Green Mile


Pre-reg is now CLOSED!!
(If you have missed the pre-reg deadline please still send in a pre-reg if you are planning on coming to the event, while you may not get the discount you can help make Friday night check-in faster and easier for all of us.)

This is for the Alliance Oregon March 2-4, 2012 weekend event, A Green Mile, at Camp Kiwanilong, in Warrenton, OR. Directions and info about the site can be found in separate threads in our out of game forums.

Pre-reg will close on Friday, February 24th, at 11:59 PM.
Please fill out our pre-reg form here
(If you have questions on how to Pre-Reg, please check out this post.)

If you have any BP expenditures please try to take care of them before you pre-reg, that way your requests and pre-regs will not get over looked. Thanks!

Event Fees
  • PC: $65.00 at the door, $50.00 if you pre-reg.
  • Advance page: $40.00 at the door, $30.00 if you pre-rg.
  • Page: $30.00 at the door, $20.00 if you pre-reg.
  • NPC: Free, NPC food is $10.00.

Name in red - Recieved an incomplete pre-reg.
Name in blue - Late Pre-reg.

Pre-reg's received as of 02/25/2012:
Shane R - Rain -SEA
Mike L - Killian
Jimmy H - Virid
Andy S - Tantarus
Matt O - Iftikhaar
Doug C - Jack
Dash C - Jack Jr
Corbin C - Burrberry
Chelsea E - Kiona
Ron L - Alcandar -SEA
Rich G - Unknown
Aimee L - Unknown
Carmen S - Roan
Brian J - Ashok -SEA
Bryan G - Arannin
Bill B - Black
Paul V - Poxy
Denise - Taliya -SEA
Adam F - Boganzy -SEA
Cassandra J - Orin -SEA
Gabe D - Darien -SEA
Daniel M - Ian
Leigh-Ann M - Kiarra
David C - Apsilin
Ryan W - Luke
Kevin M - Flynn -SEA
Evan R - Zeth -SEA
Jeremy H - Vavarick
Jeannette C - Serath
Tony C - Tode
Shannon C - Brennan
Scott K - Mixer
Tony R - Harver
Marc D - Masticon
Raissa D - Caana
Barbara M - Prashka -SEA
David K - Maven -SEA
Courtney B - Kitty -SEA
Brittany S - Takara
Dexter D - Bowie
Becca C - Meeko

Character Transfers received as of 02/26/2012:
Brian J - Ashok
Cassandra J - Orin
Courtney B - Kitty
Cymryc - Kai
David K - Maven
Denise B - Talilya
Even R - Zeth
Kevin M - Flynn
Gabe D - Darien
Shane R - Rain

If you feel you should be on this list and are not, please email logistics and let us know. Thanks!


Just a reminder, downtimes are due by Feb 20, midnight.

Also, helpful reminder: if you intend to include another player in your downtime, cc them so that we can make sure everyone is in the loop.



2 days left to get the pre-reg price. If you know someone is going, but don't see them on the list, remind them to preregister.


I thought we would double our fun with two Tantauri or Tantaruses... instead of one! :D

And have no worries, I will be there. ;)


Seattle Staff
The Raccoon Brigade looks forward to bein' there in furry style. :wub2:


Seattle Staff

Not...not that kind of...



Got a problem with furries, JP? :cool:

Can't wait to kill... er, see you all next weekend.


Pre-reg is now Closed.

A few reminders:
  • If you have not pre-reg'd please still do so, while you may not save yourself some money, you will help make check-in on Friday faster and smoother for you and everyone else.
  • If Oregon is not your character's home chapter, be sure to email your home chapters logistics to ask them to transfer your character to Oregon for the event at
  • If you plan to do any sort of production on Friday night, please work it up before you come to check-in, heck send it to me before the event. Also if you have a workshop in Land Fall you will be able to use it for your first logistics period, which is Friday check-in.


As a heads up, there will be a hard lay on at this event. The plan is to have opening ceremonies at 9, a short break for people to get their last couple of ducks in a row, and then a hard lay on at 10. Do not worry if you cannot be ready by 10, just swing by monster camp when you are ready and we will set you in the right direction to come in game. That said, we still recommend you try and be ready by 10 if you are able too (without stressing).