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Pre-regs are due by Saturday, June 8th at 11:59 PM.

The event for PCs will cost $60 ($75 without pre-registration) and NPCs $15 ($25 without pre-registration). This cost to NPCs covers food for the weekend and the per-head costs that we incur.

The site opens at 6PM on Friday, June 14th, with lay-on as close to 8PM as possible. Game-off will be approximately 10AM on Sunday, June 16th with everyone cleaned up and out by Noon.

This event will take place at the following site:

Gamehaven Scout Reservation
5015 Simpson Rd SE
Rochester, MN 55904

At the Gamehaven location we will have two lodges available for everyone which only provide floor space sleeping. In addition, there are five heated and air conditioned cabins, with four bunks each, that are available. We will be allowing players to reserve these cabins for the weekend for $60. A minimum of 3 players must be staying in each cabin. These will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. In order to claim a cabin, email:

Tenting is permitted on this site. Please include a note in your pre-reg if you plan on tenting for the weekend.

Our pre-reg form can be found by clicking here. Pre-registration should include needed tags, your production, magic items, and any food allergies. If you have any questions about your sheet, you can contact logistics at:

You may prepay for the weekend by sending your payment over Paypal to You should use the "Send to a Friend" option when you do this. In the notes include your name, the purpose of your payment, your character name, and the chapter the character is housed in.

Please note if you’re a first time player you should contact us so we can help with your character creation before the event.

This game will be run under the 2.0 rules, which can be found here:

Once the new Character Management Application goes live, we will release additional information about what you need to do to prepare for the weekend.

Pre-regs are due by Saturday, June 8th at 11:59 PM. You do not get the discount for registering after this point, but it is still highly encouraged by the logistics staff for you to do so!

  1. Brad Kramer (Zihr)
  2. Alan Ford (Kierann)
  3. Kayla Stewart (Locke)
  4. Josh Stewart (Zen)
  5. Bryce Koke (Bruisey)
  6. Bryan Laird (Corbell)
  7. Nick Porter (Foss)
  8. Andrea Rye (Gertrude)
  9. Jonathan McNicholes (Roff)
  10. Dwayne B "Spaz" (Shen)
  11. Samantha Swanson (Beryl)
  12. Ryan Benike (Cassandra)
  13. David Raatz (Iganeous)
  14. Emma Berg (Ainsley)
  15. Ethan Rath (Ignathis)
  16. Nathan Baine (Nyio)
  17. Matthew Muske (DeSylvia)
  18. Brenda Hawkins (Mint)
  19. Josh Clark (Baeleon)
  20. Patrick Lawrenz (Artemis)
  21. Kathryn Lund (Auryn)
  22. John R Greenwood (Dramthin)
  23. Jessica Arensman (Chamomile)
  24. Sid Price (Beryl)
  25. Malorie Ottosen (Edryn)
  26. Jenny Sireno (Jamina)
  27. Derek Sturn (Sam)
  28. Dani Carstens (Isabo)
  29. Dan Sellers (Glav)
  30. Ian Sturn (Draco)
  31. Nate MacLaurin (Vaelin)
  32. Brittany MacLaurin (Mira)
  33. Emma DeRoode (Edwina)
  34. Jeremy Moberg (Nephorus)
  35. Alex McLean (J'Rajjj)
  36. Andrew Nelson (Rusty)
PCs (Missed pre-reg):
  1. Justin Carr (Jaohan)
  2. Ash Wilk (Artemis)
  3. Carrie Baine (Pebbles)
  1. Ryan Schmidt
  2. Jordan Fenty
  3. Matt Machtan
  4. William Podulke
  5. Amy Moberg
  6. Joshua Moberg
  7. Ryan Codnef
  8. Reese Lloyd
  9. Adam Peckron
  10. Wade Hampton
  11. Willow Stuart
  12. Jacob Bryan
  13. Aaron Bealka
  14. Brytton George
  15. Anthony Grider
Cabin Reservations:
(Note: Unlike last time, your assigned cabin will be the one listed below.)
  2. Sam S
  3. Andrea R
  4. Nick P
  5. Brittany F
  6. Kayla Stewart
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Are the AC/ Heated cabins 60$ for the weekend total, or 60$ per person in the cabin?


Chicago Staff
$60 for weekend, if you have 4 it’s $15/per essentially.
well, i have put in my registration, though logistics has not gotten back to me in regards to my magic items as to if they are still valid or not.

David Raatz


Chicago Staff
Anything of the old system needs conversion starting today. I’m sure plot will get back shortly with converted old items.


Did my pre registration not go through I don't see myself on the list?
Andrea Rye
Just want to make sure you got my pre-reg? Sent it in on Saturday around noonish.



Just wondering if you guys got my pre-reg for Isabo? I sent it Friday night/ Saturday morning

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That's no good. Hopefully, this one goes through. Did it from my computer rather than my phone this time, maybe that will help?


I'm bringing a new player this weekend, she just sent in her pre reg. Just checking to make sure it sent correctly :)
My wife will also be coming with this weekend. She will be sending in her pre reg today at some point.

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Chicago Staff
I unfortunately will be missing this one. Work is being Work! Have a great event folks!