Pre-registration for Enerret Event August 17-19


San Francisco Staff
Preregistration for the upcoming August Enerret event is now open. Please find the link to the preregistration form HERE. You can pre-pay for the event Here.

Preregistration will close at midnight Pacific time on Friday, August 10th.

We are currently hard at work looking for an alternate site after our numerous problems with Camp Cutter. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a confirmed site, however, we are hoping to have an announcement very soon. Please leave the cabin request section blank at this time. Once we have a confirmed site, I will be reaching out to people in order of pre-registration to select their sleeping space, as appropriate to the site we end up booking. As always, medical or accessibility needs will get first priority. Meal plan is also pending until we have a site booked. Thank you for your patience during this transition -- we are really hopeful that this will end up with us being in a much better situation for future events.

Dates: August 17-19
• Pre-registration: $65
• With late fee for no pre-reg: $85
Location: Enchanted Hills

Please submit build expenditures, LCO scroll purchases, and other similar items in advance of the event, to ensure that our Logistics processes are as streamlined as possible.

Please only submit production requests for the first Logistics period of the event. If you would like to submit both Logistics periods in advance because it makes your life easier, please clearly indicate which requests are for Friday and which are for Saturday.

Please remember when filling out the preregistration form, that all Magic Items must be pre-registered. Items that are not pre-registered will need to be presented at check in.

If you need to receive any asset tags from an item acquired in a prior game, the pre-registration form now has a space to request those tags so that Logistics can prepare them in advance.

Downtime submissions will be open until Sunday, August 5 at midnight. Please submit your downtimes through this form. Downtimes submitted by email or after the deadline will not be accepted.

Cabin 1: Adventure Club & Friends
  • Alex S
  • Erin O
  • Andrew W
  • Neal E
  • Emily B
  • Anthea T
  • John C

Cabin 2:
  • Jerrod W
  • Beth A

Cabin 3:
  • Sean M.
  • Ian M
  • Fiona M.

Cabin 4:
  • Isaac W.
  • Ben N.

Cabin 5:
  • Victoria G.
  • Brittanie O.

Cabin 6:
  • Alex W

Cabins 7 and 8: Cast and Crew

Pre-registered PCs: 25
  • Aaron S.
  • Bethany A.
  • Erin O.
  • Jerrod W.
  • Neal E.
  • Maria D.
  • Alex S.
  • Andrew W.
  • Grant W.
  • Isaac W.
  • Emily B.
  • John C.
  • Alex W.
  • Julian D.
  • James M.
  • Sean M.
  • Ian M.
  • Ben N.
  • Brian H.
  • Fiona M.
  • Victoria G.
  • Brittanie O.
  • Miles A.
  • John A.
  • Alexandra S. (Late pre reg)
Pre-registered Cast and Crew: 3
  • Aubrey C.
  • Jonno
  • Kevin W.
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New site update! Please see this post for full details on our new site.

Since this will be our first event at the site, and I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, I don’t know how the cabins will differ from each other. I’ll be listing cabin groups above. First member of each group to check in with me on site gets to choose which cabin they want. For future events, you’ll be able to request specific cabins as per usual.
The new location is further than I originally expected, around what time would the event start and would arrive somewhat late be a problem? I'd be leaving around 3 and arrive around 6ish.
We usually don't start until 8 at the earliest.
Hey! I signed up as an NPC this time 'round, but some stuff has come up and I won't be able to make it. Sorry about that D: I plan on going to the next Maelstrom weekend event but getting up there this weekend definitely isn't affordable for me right now. Thank you guys!! Have fun!!
Mind moving me into Cabin 8? Looks like my request had some overlap.
6 rather than 8, but done!
Awesome, thank you for letting us know!
Hey I don’t know if anyone is going to be able to read this because you’re all probably at the event but I’m going to be about another hour now until I reach the camp I made a wrong turn and I live very far from site. If anyone sees this could you tell me if I’ll still be able to get on site this late? Thanks!