Pre-registration for Enerret Season Closer Nov 17 & 18


San Francisco Staff
Preregistration for the upcoming Enerret season closer is now open. Please find the link to the preregistration form HERE. You can pre-pay for the event Here.

Preregistration will close at midnight Pacific time on Sunday, Nov 11th.

Our location for this event will be Joseph D. Grant Park, at the Cookhouse/Rose Garden. (You may recognize this location from the Apple Festival event a few years back.) This event will be back to back day games, not an overnight. Since this will be a double day event, we'll allow anyone who can only make it to one of the days to pay half-price for the event.

Dates: Nov 17 & 18
• Pre-registration: $65
• With late fee for no pre-reg: $85
• Single day only: $32.50 with pre reg, $42.50 without
Location: Joseph D. Grant Park
Campaign: Enerret

Please submit build expenditures, LCO scroll purchases, and other similar items in advance of the event, to ensure that our Logistics processes are as streamlined as possible.

Please only submit production requests for the first Logistics period of the event. If you would like to submit both Logistics periods in advance because it makes your life easier, please clearly indicate which requests are for Friday and which are for Saturday.

Please remember when filling out the preregistration form, that all Magic Items must be pre-registered. Items that are not pre-registered will need to be presented at check in.

If you need to receive any asset tags from an item acquired in a prior game, the pre-registration form now has a space to request those tags so that Logistics can prepare them in advance.

Downtime Submissions: Please email your submissions to Do not use the form that has been used in past events -- downtimes sent to this form will not be able to be responded to. Each character can submit 3 major and 3 minor actions. Submissions will be accepted through Monday, Nov 12th.

Open/Close time: We can arrive on site starting at 8 AM, and need to be out at sunset. Game on will be as soon as the majority of people arrive and get through Logistics. Please try to be prompt so we can get as much game time in as possible!

Directions/Parking: We will be playing at the Cookhouse/Rose Garden area. Once you're in the park, drive until you hit the traffic circle, and park in the lot just behind it. The play area is the building slightly before and to the left of the parking area.

Pre-registered PCs: 15
  • Anthony T.
  • Bob T.
  • Styrie H.
  • Jerrod W.
  • Alex S.
  • Erin O.
  • Emily B.
  • Bethany A.
  • Miles A.
  • Brian H.
  • Neil E.
  • Greg R
  • John A.
  • Alex W.
  • Andrew W.
Pre-registered Cast and Crew: 6
  • Victoria G.
  • Brittanie O.
  • Johannes G.
  • Ashley B.
  • Aubrey R.
  • Matthew T.
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Ooh, single day price? That makes things a little more sale-able for me!
Please see the main post for some updated info.