Pre-registration for Enerret Season Opener April 20th-21st


San Francisco Staff
Hello everyone! Pre-registration for our first Enerret game of the season is now open! Please find the link to the preregistration form HERE. Pre-payments can be sent via PayPal to

We are asking folks to pre-pay if at all possible, as this site does require full payment in advance, and your prepayment makes our lives significantly easier!

Preregistration will close at midnight on Sunday, April 14th.

Dates: April 20th and 21st
• Pre-registration: $30 per game day, $60 for both
• With late fee for no pre-reg: $40 per game day, $80 for both
Location: Huddart Park, East Meadow Picnic Area
Campaign: Enerret

Game on will be 10AM both days, with logistics opening at 9AM. We need to be completely out of the park by 7PM, so game off will be around 6.

The East Meadow picnic area is marked by signs as you enter the park. These signs lead you to the parking area, and the picnic area itself is down a short road to the left. We can drive our cars down to load if necessary, but please avoid doing so unless you have a ton of stuff, mobility issues, small ones in attendance, etc. There is not much space down there for cars!

Please note that there is a $6 parking fee per vehicle per day. They only accept cash!


BTW: any idea of how many events we'll be doing at Huddart (or theoretically any other SM County parks) this year? It looks like they have an annual pass that would be worth it if we're doing over 10 days there in a year.


San Francisco Staff
Good find! I will talk with the plot teams and get a count of what events we are likely to have there.