Pre-registration for October event

Pre-reg is closed, but you can still pay at the door. Remember that we can't take credit cards or paypal at the door!

1. Heidi Hooper (Zatarina)
2. William Duffy (Balls)
3. David Tengdin
4. Alex Koziak (Vox)
5. Henry Hart
6. Angel Belford +$40 food donation
7. Maggie Lee (Luka)
8. Mike Ventrella (Salvatore)
9. Dave Ehrhart (Khorwyn)
10. Josh Berit (Traver)
11. Kyle Spriggle (Grim)
12. Chris Marciconis (Ronka)
13. Frank Coyne (Chulainn)
14. Tom Wilson (Noot)
15. Michael Brenizer
16. Michael Guarino +$50 food donation
17. Collin Babcock
18. Amy Resele (Larien)
19. Drew Resele
20. Sam Owens
21. Nicole Angelo
22. Patrick Rault
23. Willow Achtermann
24. Tracey Smith (Thurizas) + year membership
25. Tom Haswell (Ulthoc)
26. Chad Winters
27. Erika Noach
28. Kevin Bertrand
29. Nick Romeo + year membership
30. Samantha Bertrand (Erdenerva)
31. Gregory de los Santos
32. Scott Babcock
33. Joseph Richie
34. Jacob Miller (Monty Odigapp)
35. Noelle Lequatre
36. Aaron Bonito + event membership
37. Joseph Siegel +$240 food donation
38. Caleb Shaw
39. Illana Ogan
40. Timothy Pillsbury
41. Jamie Tooker
42. Jeremy Lopez +$30 food donation
44. Danielle Wilson owes $10 late fee
45. Frank Willig (Huleen)

1. Kathy Rosenblatt
2. Michelle Stagnitta
3. Chris Szupillo
4. Margaret Szupillo
5. Liam Vermazen
6. Lauren Webb
7. Ken Swartz
8. Anne O'Reilly
9. Jacquelyn Blumenthal
10. Bayne Frick
11. Drew McClary
12. Rocky Weintrob
13. Amber Drain
14. Lisa Leitgeb
15. Mei Kurakake
16. Patrick Diflorio
17. Akiva Blickstein
18. Sandy Hays
19. Shannon O'Connor
20. Noah Mink

Fire: Henry Hart
Water: David Tengdin
Earth: Michael Brenizer
Air: Kyle Spriggle

Phoenix: Nordenn
Gryphon: Chris, Frank, Josh, Tom
Dragon: Duffy, Willow, Alex, Dave
Pegasus: Blythedale
I'll be doing my usual October NPC stint. And I'll be bringing the cider. :thumbsup:


Also NPCing. Kathy, should I bring the bigger crock pot for the cider? ;)


HQ Staff
PCing Luka :)

Lanna Rose

I will be PCing Red!

Also Mike that 40$ was for food. Forgot there was a different account when I did it. Thanks!



I'll be there. Please use my event credit from August for this event.

I'll be PCing as Noot.

I'm in if Vanguard is taking a cabin.


HQ Staff
Heya with 5 Vanguard folks paid for could we get the Pegasus cabin and if not that then griffon? Thanks! (Kyle, Chris, Frank,Josh Tom )
Aggravain said:
Heya with 5 Vanguard folks paid for could we get the Pegasus cabin and if not that then griffon? Thanks! (Kyle, Chris, Frank,Josh Tom )

Pegasus is always held for Blythedale first since they paid for it, and then if they don't grab it, we assign it... :thumbsup:


I just paid for the event. I will be PCing Dorian.