Preparing for Conversion to 2.13


Chicago Staff
As 2.13 is officially the new hotness.

we are officially at 80 days until our season opener!

Anyone who has questions or needs help as they prepare for our upcoming Conversion event (day to be announced). Naturally I imagine existing staff is well versed in things (or getting there). But also Eldandiril Zanabanath (HoL), Thomas Macauley, Ashe Yates, Andrew Nelson and myself are all fairly easy individuals to get a hold of and can answer/help with things.

My first advice is to begin to collect all your magic item tags, and all your production tags - so you know everything that you have. Then consult the 2.13 book for Effects & Production which no longer exist. As these items need conversion to new item & new production tags. Other Items which have simply had their effects altered, or have no changes will be much easier and faster. Then the massive amount of reprinting begins!

Hope this helps!.


I am psyched.

Terribly torn though, I have a chunk of possible builds that look tempting, and want to avoid Nikolai's current status as The Worst Possible Character, mechanically speaking. :D

Production is going to be a mess, though. So. Much. Alchemy.


Chicago Staff
Build for those who requested it will be going out at the end of this week, along with the announcement about donations, about the conversion one day, and other important stuff and things!!


Minnesota Staff

Any updates on those emails about build requests?