Preregistering for Season 2: Episode 2 - April 26-28


Out of Chapter Players: Please communicate with Katie Lewis-Kooring regarding playing in the chapter.

In-Chapter Players: We will be without the National Data Base until May 31st. Your Logistics team thanks you for your patience as the transition continues. For the time being and for ALL events leading up to the final transition, please print your character sheets before the events using the existing FreePlay App ( until all the bugs are worked out. If you need your XP/Build totals, please DM me (Jordan C Brun) directly on FB (I rarely check the forums). If you need play by play of building your character or buying skills, your Logistics Team has you covered see the linked people below to find folks to help you.

Pre-Registration Production for the April 26th event, Season 2, Episode 2 is NOW OPEN.

If you would like to have your Production for this event, you MUST email Logistics BEFORE Tuesday, April 23rd at 3pm. Email Logistics at: with the following information in the title:

PreReg S2:E2 <Player Name, Character Name>

(Example: "PreReg S2:E2 Christopher Powell, Darkhawk"

A PDF or JPEG of your character sheet from the FreePlay App attached, and a listing of the items you wish to make. Remember: you get 5 Production Points PER Game Day PER Purchased Ability.

(Example: if you have Blacksmithing X1 and Alchemy X3, you get 10 Blacksmithing PP and 30 Alchemy PP total for the event - although you cannot use more than your daily production on any one item.)

Logistics begins PROMPTLY at 5pm. I will have everything set up by then. Logistics will CLOSE at 8pm in preparation for our Logistic team (who are all players who pay for events, too) to be able to participate in Opening Ceremonies. If you are late, you will have to find a member of Logistics to check you in WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR THEM. Preregistering before the event, being in costume/armor and having your weapons at check-in as well as having your character sheet printed and ready for signing will help the process go faster for EVERYONE.

Jordan C. Brun will be heading up operations at Logistics and Signing Character Sheets
Katie Lewis-Kooring will be taking care of Out of Town Players
Connor Gallimore will be checking Weapons and Armor for Safety and Points
Mark Chamberlin will be coordinating with new players and last-minute additions.